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The best kept secret in music


By Samah Assad

The Cauldron Staff Writer

Published: Monday, May 2, 2011
Updated: Tuesday, May 3, 2011 12:05
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Kyle Grooms
On Saturday, April 30 Comedy Central comedian Kyle Grooms graced the stage at the Student Center Ballroom to perform a free comedy show for CSU students.
Grooms is well-known for his stand-up and appearances mostly on programs like the Chapelle Show, but he's also guest-starred on shows on BET, NBC, MTV2 and other notable networks.
Even though only about 40 or so people were in attendance, it made for a more amusing and personable experience. Grooms was able to interact and joke with the audience with ease, and didn't mind if the students called out their own comments during the show.
Instead of being offended by the ballroom not being filled to its capacity, Grooms poked fun at the whole mishap, saying "This ain't a comedy's a get together!" and "No one's here; some of you have to laugh twice."
With that said, Grooms was truly a genius when it came to appealing to our generation. References to the infamous "Dougie" dance, or better, when he started doing it on-stage himself, proved how in-tune and playful he is.
He also called out Chris Brown, LeBron James and (since he is a New Jersey native) Jersey Shore.
His style of comedy was very carefree and although many comedians have touched these subjects before, his jokes were fresh to the ear.
Looking around me during the show, I saw a few members of the audience that weren't completely "getting it." Granted, they weren't born in the 80s or 90s and probably don't watch Jersey Shore or know how to "Dougie." It's also likely that they didn't appreciate the cussing and sexual punchlines (even if us college kids find that hilarious). However, Grooms' hillarious Barrack Obama impression reeled any doubters right back in.
His creative improvisation and smooth attitude made for an entertaining, laid-back atmosphere; it's just a shame that more people weren't there to experience it.
The next time a comedian comes to CSU, I suggest more students take advantage of show especially when it's free. If you weren't there on Saturday, you surely missed out. - CSU Cauldron

Kyle Grooms has been performing comedy for 16 years, appearing on HBO comedy specials, “Last Comic Standing” and “Chappelle’s Show.”

Grooms will be performing during the Cape Fear Comedy Festival Saturday, May 21.

You moved back to New Jersey and started hitting comedy clubs in New York City. Did you start with open mic nights?

Since I was working in Miami I already had material. Once I got to New York I was seeing what more established comics were doing. I had to get rid of my hat and stuff I was getting away with in Miami. Once I got to New York I had to step my game up. There was a lot of jokes like that ( I got rid of).

Is anything off limits in comedy?

There certain things I won’t laugh at because I guess I’m sensitive to it and my ego won’t allow me. I think as I got older it may have kicked in more. When you’re young you laugh at anything. When you get older you take things more serious. People in your peer group become kind of serious.

Getting on stage, does your heart still race?

(thinks a while) Nah. You get used to dealing with it. I think it does kind of go away somewhat. You get less afraid and it gets more comfortable after awhile. There’s still that little nervous energy that’s what you feed on. I guess that’s what you need to get through and give you some gas.

Do you stick to your material or take chances if something comes to mind?

I like to stay loose. The more I can not do my material the better I feel about my performance but you need your material to guide you through your set. I try as much as i can to bring something new out. You get bored doing your act. Your act keeps you in line. I want to scramble and do something.

When did you find that you were comfortable on stage? Found your voice?

Two weeks ago (laughs). It’s weird because you always think you’re there and then you’ll see someone else perform. As you go along, no, I still have to get it better. I don’t know if I have my complete voice and my freedom. In the last couple of years though I think I’ve hit my stride where i know who I am on stage more.

How much time do you commit to writing?

I jot things down like a title or a word or two just to have it on my brain when I go on stage. Most of my act is in my head. I have a wish list; these are things I wish to talk about tonight. Let’s see if I can them there, if I make it happen. Writing is probably the next thing I’ll try to put my focus into, focus on more now. Some stuff you write for yourself and doesn’t even work in your act so you tell a friend that would work, you give it to them. It’s hard to give away though. - Star News Online

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Comedy Festivals:
I’m Rich Biatch Tour with Charlie Murphy

Comedy Clubs and Venues:
Comix, Caroline’s on Broadway, Comedy Cellar, Stand Up NY, Improv-FL,TX,CA,OH, Laugh Factory-LA,NYC

I’m Rich Biatch Tour
P-Diddy Bad Boys of Comedy
- Sophie K. Entertainment

Students who are suffering withdrawals from the “Chappelle’s Show” can get a bit of a fix Wednesday when Kyle Grooms, who appeared on the show, performs on campus.

Grooms, who said his age is “over 21,” has been on a tour of college campuses since August and said he enjoys the atmosphere.

“There’s an excitement,” he said. “College kids watch Comedy Central.”

Grooms has been featured on “Premium Blend,” “Straight Plan for the Gay Man” and on a few episodes in the second season of the now defunct “Chappelle’s Show,” hosted by Dave Chappelle.

Groom was more involved with filming the third season, which never aired.

“It was cool to come in on the hottest show,” Grooms said. “It was laid back and fun.”

While growing up in New Jersey, where he still lives, Grooms listened to Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, but he didn’t see himself as a comic.

“I never thought I could do it,” Grooms said.

So he got a degree in commercial art and performed stand-up at open mics in Miami as a hobby.

”I got to like the crowd and the art form,” he said.

As soon as he felt he could make a living doing stand up, he quit his job at a Spanish TV network and became devoted to comedy.

Even after breaking into TV, Grooms continues to perform live stand-up as well.

“Live you really feel it,” he said. “But you reach more people with TV.”

In the works for Grooms is a new half-hour special, as well as a comedy CD and DVD.

Members of On The Fly, which is sponsoring the show, saw him perform at a conference last year and were impressed by his act.

“I try to be honest,” Grooms said.

Dani Hiar, OTF’s adviser, warned that Grooms’ humor is intended for mature audiences, though she said he’s not as raw as “Chappelle’s Show.”

Lapeer freshman Eric Lamoreaux, director of public relations for OTF, said he expects 150 to 200 students to attend the free show at 9 p.m. Wednesday in Carey’s Real Food On Campus.

“It should be a really good show,” he said.


On Thursday, Oct. 6 last week, UNO was treated to a great set from comedian Kyle Grooms. The Student Programming Organization set up the event and it was definitely one of the more successful ones to happen this semester.

The Nebraska room was as packed as I've seen it in a long time, filled with students enjoying Grooms' stand-up comedy set.

Some may have recognized Grooms from television. He did two episodes of "Chapelle's Show" on Comedy Central, as well as some VH1 specials. Grooms is probably most identifiable from his three-episode Comedy Central spoof of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," "Straight Plan for the Gay Man."

Grooms entertained with his comedic stylings, covering mostly subjects that connected with college students such as sports and television.

While not the most original material, Grooms has a distinguishable style unlike any other comedian I've seen recently. That really adds to his show and makes it fun. He's very comfortable on stage and has no problem improvising. He called out a student who answered his phone during the set and made fun of his friend on the other end of the line who just happened to be getting committed to a mental institution. He talked to the students leaving for class, making inappropriate comments as they left.

I definitely enjoyed this SPO event, and look forward to more like it. Grooms may have been a little controversial for UNO, talking about drugs and inappropriate sexual situations, but I doubt that anyone was offended and it was still easily a PG-rated show.

All in all, Grooms was a great choice for SPO and definitely a fun event to go to. For those that missed it for things like class and work, you missed out.

Be sure to check the UNO Web site and the posters around campus for more opportunities for free shows and food from SPO.

- The Gateway - University of NE / Omaha


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Best known for his hilarious half hour of stand up on Comedy Central and The Chappelle Show, Kyle Grooms is one busy comedian. After graduating from the Fort Lauderdale Institute of Art, Kyle ventured into stand up in Miami while working as Art Director for a Hispanic television network. His love of stand up eventually propelled him to back to the New York City area where his career started to blossom. Kyle delivers an honest and intelligent approach towards comedy as he gives an intimate look into his life experiences growing up in the American Melting Pot of Perth Amboy, NJ. Since then, Grooms as been seen on numerous Comedy Central shows including Jamie Foxx's Laffapalooza, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and Straight Plan for the Gay Man. No stranger to VH-1, you might've seen Kyle on 40 Awsomely Bad Songs, Johnny Depp A to Z or on MTVs Red Carpet Fashion. He's performed as far away as the UK, Sweden and Holland and can be seen frequently at clubs in Los Angeles and New York. For more about Kyle, check out