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“Just one listen and you get the impression he lives by every word he writes and sings."
- Dallas Morning News

“In addition to being a great singer, Kyle has a wonderful way of intertwining faith and reality into his songs.”
- Radney Foster, Artist /Producer

"Kyle Hutton's songs speak of what's in his heart - his family and faith, his love of music and the state of Texas."
- The Houston Chronicle

"In my opinion, the best songs are about the truth and Kyle writes about the truth."
- Lloyd Maines, Producer

"Kyle's new CD, “More Like Me”, is so honest and powerful that I believe it will resonate deeply with everyone who listens. I connect with it because it comes straight from Kyle’s heart. I love it!"
- Kerry Shook, Author of New York Times Bestseller “One Month to Live”

"Kyle Hutton is a genuine person. His strength of character and sense of faith is revealed in his songs. Upbeat but never trite, sometimes somber but never down trodden ... his music is healthy for the human spirit."
- Terri Hendrix, Artist
- various

Kyle Hutton – Season Four: Real Life, Real Music
By Katie Key
August 2008 Best in Texas Magazine

Dosey Doe is in an old barn moved from a county road in Kentucky to the access road along I-45 in the Woodlands. Step inside and I-45 melts away as the music takes over. I talked with Kyle Hutton, producer and host of the singer-songwriter
music series, Real Life, Real Music, which opens its fourth season in September and runs through February, 2009.

Katie: You’re in the middle of the third season of the Real Life Real Music songwriter series. Where is it now compared to when you started a couple of years ago?

Kyle: The first season we had my old friend Roger Creager, Lee Roy Parnell, and Bruce Robison. I think that quality of artist laid the groundwork for what was to come. As we are about to start season four, it’s an exciting time. We have sponsors renewing, which is phenomenal. Heck, I’ve got one sponsor who has
been with us for all four seasons! That’s a cool thing, and I want to keep the momentum going, especially with the type of acts we have coming in.

Katie: As someone who’s sat in the audience many times, I can see the loyalty that comes from the fact that you bring in quality artists over and over again. I think the best thing for an audience member is that you are obviously
a fan of these men and women.

Kyle: No doubt, I’m a fan. When I get to sit across from one of my heroes – like Hal Ketchum – you know I’m working to try to get into the head of the performer and the writer with the excitement of a fan.

Katie: That attitude really works. As I see it, you are asking the things the audience would have asked and living their dream.

Kyle: Although I don’t know how it works for other people, I am a fan first. Before I could play guitar, before I had ever written a song, I was a fan of a lot of these folks that I get to talk to now.

Katie: Let’s talk about the venue, Dosey Doe – this place is so special and so unusual. The artists I’ve talked to say they love it. Why is it an ideal place for the series?

Kyle: My wife Tara and I came in here to have lunch one day, and we were blown away. From the freeway, you can’t tell anything about it. It’s very unassuming.
When I first started talking to the owner, Steve Said, about this series, I told him I had done these types of shows before at other places in Houston but that this place was completely different and it was exactly what I wanted. My goal as producer of the show is to make the artist feel special. I mean “roll out the
red carpet” kind of special. If you can make the artist feel as important as we feel the music is, they tend to give their best to the audience.

Katie: Is there one performance that stands out from the others?

Kyle: There are a bunch of moments; the first one to come to mind was Deryl Dodd’s show last season. When Deryl came to do the show, I felt like he was coming to talk about what was going on with him in his life and the choices he was making about his career. That show was important to me because I could tell how important it was to him. I am blown away by moments like the one when Larry Gatlin introduced his song “Help Me,” which was his first cut done by Elvis
Presley! Who gets their first cut with Elvis Presley? Larry Gatlin did! Then there’s the fact that June Cash asked Johnny to request that Larry sing that song at June’s funeral. These are the special moments that we have been able to capture and then make available to everyone on the radio every week thanks to KVST 99.7 FM in Conroe.

Katie: That’s great that the series is shared on radio. Are there other radio stations that will start airing it?

Kyle: I hope so, and thank goodness for KVST! They were our first station to carry our Real Life Real Music series! We are thrilled to be talking to other stations from Texas to Colorado to the East Coast, even satellite radio.

Katie: There are some other exciting things happening for you too. Not only is your friend Roger Creager finishing out season three of the series for you, but I hear you co-wrote on a song on his upcoming CD. How did that come about?

Kyle: Roger and I try and write together as often as we can. The name of the song is “Let’s Run.” I heard final mixes of it the other day, and I’m just blown away. Funny story though, I went over there with a chorus and Roger
said, “I love the music but can we scrap the lyrics?” I said, “Buddy, we can do whatever you want. Let’s see what we can come up with.” We started with a melody and a clean piece of paper and we wrote a great song. It’s about a couple who are saying “Let’s get away from everything that’s causing all the problems, ‘cause if we can get away, we can make it.”

Katie: Can’t wait to hear it! Since season four starts next month, can you
tell us anything about who is signed up already?

Kyle: We are hush-hush right now. I always say you shoot for the stars
and you land somewhere between here and there. We are talking to
some big names. So if Larry Gatlin, Lee Roy Parnell, Cory Morrow and Hal Ketchum are evidence of what we do, then people should book their seats now.
- Best in Texas Magazine

C/D Review: Kyle Hutton’s “More Like Me”
By Sully

As much as I enjoy music, occasionally there are times when I won’t listen to any at all. There are numerous reasons why I do this, but the main one is musical boredom. I get burned out plain and simple. It was while in one of the these burned out stages that I received Kyle Hutton’s More Like Me.

I had never heard of Kyle Hutton before, but after one listen I was hooked. I think I can relate to every song on this CD and most people over 30 will, too. More Like Me is the chronicle of one man’s journey through self doubt on his way to self discovery.

Every song on here is a keeper. My personal favorites are:

"The Strong One"- If you consider yourself the strong one in your relationship and you’ve experienced an illness or job loss, it can be scary. In a real loving relationship, the husband or wife will step in and pick up the slack, but we have to be man or woman enough to say “I need you to be the strong one tonight”.

"Shakespeare"- This song changes the mood of the CD with rocking guitar and synthesizers. It’s an unexpected change, but it’s not too harsh and keeps to the theme of the CD. He is basically comparing a relationship to a Shakespearean tragedy.

"I Signed On For More"- This song is already one of my favorites. Everyone hits a crossroad in their life. Which way do I go? Deep down you probably already know the answer you just need the “courage and strength” to take that first step. That’s pretty much what this song is about. This song has one of the best lines I’ve ever heard in a song. “I’ll crucify my ego to get on your with plan”.

The songwriting is excellent, and you can tell it comes from deep inside Kyle’s heart and soul. As I said earlier, I can relate to every song on here and most listeners will, too. Kyle also keeps the CD moving along by changing the tempo at just the right time. There is also a very good song, “I Choose You”, that was co-written with Radney Foster that is on this CD..

Visit and listen to “I Choose You”, “Shakespeare”, and “I Signed on for More”. You can also visit Kyle's website at

More Like Me is one of the best CDs I have heard in a long time.
- miss lana's online music review


"More Like Me" - 2006 River Bend Recordings
Single "I Choose You", by Kyle Hutton & Radney Foster

"Coming Home" 2001 - River Bend Recordings
Singles "Boy Down Here in Texas" by Kyle Hutton went to #5 on the Texas Music Chart. "Coming Home" by Kyle Hutton & Ken Reynolds #10 on Texas Music Chart. "Living Here With You" by Kyle Hutton #15 on the Texas Music Chart.

"Small Price to Pay" - 1999, River Bend Recordings



"One listen and you get the impression he lives by every word he writes and sings."
- The Dallas Morning News

Authentic, raw, transparent, and truthful, are all appropriate adjectives for Kyle Hutton's songs and his story. "Real Life - Real Music" the title for this stage of Kyle's journey serves as much as an internal reminder for Hutton as an external description for those who come into contact with his music and message. It's clear that Kyle is only interested in one thing, changing lives, starting with his own.

“Kyle’s songwriting is so honest and powerful that it will resonate with everyone who listens.”
- Kerry Shook, Author of New York Times bestseller “One Month to Live”

Three years ago Hutton found himself at a crossroads. The demands of a successful business partnership and commitment to the call in his heart required a choice. Kyle knew the road he was destined to choose and left the pursuit of the American dream for the pursuit of his wife, his family, and his craft. The struggle in that decision and the following "awakening" provides the backdrop for Hutton's new project "More Like Me", a project that produced the most meaningful collaboration for Kyle to date – the song "If You Only Knew" written and performed with wife Tara. The song, a message from Tara to Kyle's biological mother who gave him up for adoption, taps into an honest vulnerability never more present in the music or their lives than today.

"Kyle Hutton's songs speak of what's in his heart - his family and faith, his love of music and the state of Texas."
- The Houston Chronicle

Though Hutton's new c/d and his shows are marked with the evidence of new beginnings his career has hardly just begun. His first two c/d's have experienced success in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. "Boy Down Here in Texas" from Kyle's second release climbed to #5 on the Texas Music Chart and was the #23 most played song in that year. In addition to delivering chart topping singles Hutton has performed in nationally recognized venues including: Reliant Stadium, The Houston Astrodome, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Reed Arena, and Fellowship of the Woodlands. Corporate clients include: The Houston Texans, Texas A and M University, Friendswood Development Company, Lenar Homes, and Keller-Williams Realty.

"In my opinion the best songs are about the truth. Kyle writes about the truth."
- Lloyd Maines, Producer

Kyle's message transcends traditional venue boundaries and finds it's way seamlessly from mega-venues to mega-churches, fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations, and intimate singer/songwriter venues to major festival stages. It's ability to do so stems from the universal messages embedded in the stories and songs.

When Kyle's not speaking, writing, or playing music he can be found at home outside Houston, Texas with Tara and their 3 boys; Brooks, Casen, and Carter.