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"Refugee is an incredible album!"

Musicianship – 9.5 out of 10
From a Folk/Americana standpoint, Refugee is an incredible album! Kyle Knapp is an awesome guitarist, able to infuse every song with passionate, skillfully played rhythms and intricate finger-picked lines that act to enhance and support the melody. As a vocalist, Kyle provides the same passion. His voice reminds me of a cross between Neil Young and a Christian artist named Don Franscisco. Both had very distinctive voices, and were bards to their generation of fans. Kyle tries to establish that same voice of authority in his songs, pleading the case of the downtrodden and forgotten in our world today. His words speak volumes, and the musical quality exhibited on this album supports his case. Of note also, are the supporting instrumental parts (violin, accordion, and percussion) provided by a great lineup of musicians. They truly enhance Kyle’s singing and playing, and are just one more reason that this album is definitely worth hearing!

Songwriting – 9.5 out of 10
It is at this point that Kyle Knapp earns his stripes as a singer/songwriter. His songs are moving and compelling, championing the cause of those without a champion; telling the story of those without biographers, and pleading the case of those with little to those who have much. The lyrics are powerful, the melody lines beautiful and rich, and the music stunning. This is definitely the album to have if you enjoy hearing great Folk music with a compelling message!

I know it goes without saying once you’ve heard the record, but I will add this comment for those who haven’t; the source of Kyle Knapp’s inspiration is very definitely rooted in his Christian faith. The message is almost inseparable from that fact! I don’t mention this fact to sway your opinion one way or the other; I simply provide that information because it is a very big part of who Kyle Knapp is. Whether you agree with his belief system is up to you. The fact that the songs are well-written, though, is indisputable!

Sound Quality/Professionalism – 9 out of 10

The abilities that Kyle Knapp and Company possess are showcased in grand fashion on the CD Refugee. His guitar work sounds excellent, his vocals sound stellar, and the work of the accompanying musicians shines! Great work went into the making of this record, and the supporting staff (producer/engineer Jon Guggenheim, and mastering work by Eric Medley) brought additional quality to the product. I am very definitely pleased with the way this record sounds, and I think you will be too!

Packaging – 10 out of 10

Why vary from a theme? The packaging for Refugee is excellent! It includes artwork that is in keeping with the album’s theme, all the right musical credits, and the oft-forgotten detail, printed lyrics for all the songs! Kyle has done everything right on this one, and I’m very happy with everything with regard to the packaging! Great job!

Favorite Tracks
Where You Are
Lament for Romania
Where Are the Sages
Up, Chuck (just because it’s a fun song!)

Overall Rating – 9.5 out of 10

There are often compelling reasons to buy an album. Some change the way people perceive a particular genre of music for generations. Others are ear candy; they provide the listener with hours of entertainment. Still others speak to generations of listeners, creating a message that gives them strength to stand against intolerance, oppression and injustice. All of those reasons are valid, and to a degree, each plays a part on this album! However, I think that you should have this one in your collection because of the specific challenge it makes to those of us who have the money to buy it. By and large, those who will read this review are blessed with much. Though we may not have everything, we do have a lot, and when compared to those this album is dedicated to, we are rich beyond measure.

This album is a challenge to those of us who have much to consider the plight of those who have little. You may not personally care for the words that are included on this record, but you owe it to Kyle Knapp and the downtrodden of the world to consider their plight, at least for the length of time it takes to hear the album. In the meanwhile, you will also get to hear great guitar-oriented Folk music!

If you read my reviews, you know that this isn’t ordinarily my style. You also know that I don’t pull punches when it comes to providing an honest evaluation of the music contained on the album. Tomorrow, I’ll go back to my ordinary style of writing reviews. For today, I’m going to think seriously about the issues raised by Kyle Knapp on his CD Refugee, and consider the actions I can take to make the world a better place for someone less fortunate than me.
—Mark Lush,, 3/20/05 - Mark Lush,

"among Omaha’s best"

Local singer-songwriter Kyle Knapp’s album Refugee focuses on the injustice of human oppression throughout the world. Through songs written by himself and others, adapted from scriptures and even adapted from the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, Knapp offers his concerns and serves up God as the solution to these problems. Knapp, unlike many Christian artists, never comes across as an overly preachy style thief, but sends his message through passionately sung songs that are not sickly sweet.

The album begins with “Lament For Romania” in which Knapp’s crisp acoustic guitar and a sorrowful violin starts the listener on a somber journey through his questioning of the tragedies that have taken place in that country. Hints of Neil Young can be heard in the song “Refugee,” where Knapp continues his questioning and convincingly cries out in a frustrated tone, “Somebody rescue me.”

Knapp’s guitar and vocals take on a lighter, more reflective tone in “It Is A Good Thing” and the gorgeous “Under The Sun.” These songs respectively are adapted from the books of Psalms and Ecclesiastes and feature more lighthearted folk sounds not unlike Cat Stevens with the harmonies of Crosby, Stills and Nash. Knapp’s skilled acoustic guitar playing along with the subtle use of an accordion combine for a stunning rendition of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” and later in the album Knapp does an amazing acoustic guitar and violin arrangement of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Sixteen tracks of beautiful acoustic guitar playing, soothing vocals, crisp production and creative songwriting and arrangements put Refugee among Omaha’s best singer-songwriter albums. It’s an album that can equally be enjoyed by both Christians and non-Christians as the messages and the music contained within often transcend the standard “God is good” lyricism found in the work of some of the more predictable religious singers. - Marq Manner, the Reader

"strong, yet sensitive, performances"

Refugee, Kyle Knapp's latest CD, held me captive. Like the raspiness in his voice, Kyle's lyrics have a barb which compelled me to listen and think. Kyle's guitar stylings offer an effective transport to deliver his message of refuge. The strong, yet sensitive, performances provide an insightful glimpse into the spirit of God within this man. Refugee made a home in my soul. Let Refugee find a home with you - Phyllis Dunne (Internationally acclaimed Celtic artist)

"sound bites"

"Kyle Knapp is an awesome guitarist, able to infuse every song with passionate, skillfully played rhythms and intricate finger-picked lines"
(Mark Lush,

"Kyle delivers bittersweet, graceful guitar licks accompanied by strong lyrics"
(Tina Richardson, Omaha Weekly)

"I don't know how Knapp manages to hit home so much... rips right into the depths of the heart"
(Dan Kennedy, the Cutting Edge)

"Kyle's lyrics... compelled me to listen and think... strong, yet sensitive, performances"
(Phyllis Dunne, Internationally acclaimed Celtic artist)

"Careful, beautiful acoustic guitar work. (Kyle's) lyrics are personal, reflective, and so unpretentiously spiritual"
(Bethany, Talmidim) - various sources


• House of Sod (June 2007, Sod House Records)
• Refugee (July 2001, Tremulant Records)
• Burr Oak Acres (March 1997, Narrowpath Records)
• Walk with Me (1992, K-Tunes)
• Kyle K - Live! at the Gateway (1994 K-Tunes)
• Continue On (1995, K-Tunes)
• Acoustic Underground (1996, Tesco Productions)



Sometimes gleefully flat-picking, sometimes softly finger-picking, sometimes strumming feverishly, Kyle Knapp combines his skill as a singer-songwriter with his passion as a storyteller to engage his listeners in a journey to the soul.

While references to James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Jim Croce, or Cat Stevens abound, Kyle’s folk/Americana style embodies a diversity that defies consistent comparison. Drawing from popular music as well as his own songs, Kyle crafts a musical experience that is truly unique.

Much of Kyle's musical development took place during a 1970's hitchhiking odyssey across the United States. His experiences on the road became fodder for stories and songs, and his performances on the street and in small clubs in San Francisco, Boston, and Detroit became proving grounds for his budding talent. Several years as a worship musician in a North Omaha Pentecostal church and performing with “Sweet Discernment”, a black gospel quintet, further added to the evolution of Kyle’s unique style.

Over the years Kyle has worked with a variety of folk, rock, and gospel artists, including “Chadron” (a 70's-style rock band), British alt/punk rockers “Kidz X”, and “Godspeed” (Christian rock), as well as numerous spontaneous collaborations with other singer-songwriters. Known both locally and regionally, Kyle performs at coffeehouses, churches, and other acoustic venues.

Most of Kyle’s original music is inspired by real-life experiences and deals candidly and personally with such subjects as family, relationships, faith, and awareness of social concerns such as homelessness and poverty. We hope you will find his performances moving, heartfelt and thought-provoking..