Kyle Lardner

Kyle Lardner


Passionate...thought provoking...emotional. Kyle wrote each and every word and all of the music on her piano. Pop is the genre but it is a blend of easy listening, folk and uptempo rhythms.


Kyle Lardner's debut album Sail Among the Stars offers the feeling of a spontaneous and heartfelt outpouring. The 19 year-old Lardner is a performer truly invested in her craft, often drawn to tears behind the piano when creating a song. Like being granted access to the most intimate pages of a diary, the album pulls listeners to the depths of the artist’s soul. The record’s transcendent quality blurs the boundaries of multiple genres with complex layering and a unique blending of lighter pop melodies and darker, raw lyrical content. The refreshing honesty of her work touches upon a range of emotions – the frustration of a day gone wrong, the agony of heartbreak, the joy of escaping to a better reality, the sorrow of the unresolved. Kyle's music serves as her therapeutic release, giving listeners a candid look into an insightful mind.

Sail Among the Stars is best described as the product of a burning passion. Kyle was classically trained on piano as a child, but always gravitated to the creative flow of the impromptu and improvised. Initially, the music was an introverted hobby. Kyle’s gift was long hidden, as she could only find comfort for her creative release in solitude and darkness. While in High School, she began to discover an untamable desire to share her gift. Many would be weary of such a precarious endeavor; for Lardner, however, living in the enchantment of this dream is the only viable option. When the mainstream media began documenting the similar aspirations of many of Kyle's contemporaries, she could no longer ignore the deep longing to take her place among them. With the unwavering support of her family and several songs already developed, Kyle began to chase her calling – the result, 10 diverse and emotionally fueled tracks.

Don’t be fooled by her youthful age; Kyle is a driven individual, releasing the album with nothing more than the support of her family. She wasn’t a child of music; as a self-proclaimed jock much of her time was spent around sports. Starting as an outsider would seem to make the self-reliant approach of releasing music more challenging, but Kyle has taken it in stride, opting to document the entire experience and broadcast it on her website. She hopes sharing the process will make such an intimidating industry more accessible to those “connectionless” outsiders, as she once was.

In many ways, her style is unique. She avoids the restraints of the traditional rules and logic to create something truly unique. The power of her music lies with her ability of an unrelenting liberation of feelings. An emerging young talent, Kyle Lardner’s debut album Sail Among the Stars isn’t merely a great record to listen to, it’s an emotional experience to be felt.


When We're Gone

Written By: Kyle Lardner

Lay your armor down
Act that way when I'm not around
Don't you see you are surrounded?
Does my spirit keep you grounded?

B section
All of the questions I should've asked
All of the secrets I kept in the past

Who are we
What are we
Where are we
When we're gone?
Who am I
What am I
Where am I
When you've moved on?
Will I still be in your heaven?
Who are what are we, where are we when we're gone?

Verse II
I always get so angry
Over things that I can't control
And I know that its not the way to be
But there's parts of me that I can't make whole

B section


I don't believe
that I have anything left
I don't believe I breathed in my very last breath
Can we pretend that we never met?
'Cus all that I have is regret

B section



"The Blanket Song" is receiving airplay.
The album "Sail Among the Stars" is Kyle's first album.
All of the songs are available for digital download via her websites:

Set List

Set is 45 minutes to an hour.
When performing alone, or with her band Kyle does the songs she wrote as well as cover songs
original music:
1-The Blanket Song
2-Costa Rica
3-When We're Gone
4- Moral Amnesia
5-Away Away
7-Empty House
8-All the Things ( You Never Say)
9-Prodigal Son