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Born into a musically inspired family, it wasn’t until the age of 17 that Kyle Megginson picked up the guitar to find that music gave him the most natural way to express himself. As Kyle describes his encounter with music, he shares that “The sound of the strings became my release, my outlet from a life torn between love, faith and questions. I poured myself into it and haven’t looked back.” With his smooth, engaging voice and acoustic guitar in hand, this talented singer/songwriter from Wilmington, Delaware is creating music with raw emotion that has been best described as personal, rhythmic, thought-provoking, and most of all, passionate.

With an innate gift for writing songs that are relatable, this up and coming performer has been able to strike a chord with his audience, leaving many with a hunger for more meaning in life. Kyle describes his lyrics as coming from “a very intimate place”, drawing his audience in through songs that encompass ideas, stories and questions. From the simplest thoughts of strolling the streets to the intense inner battles of trying to understand the purpose of life, Kyle’s writing carries a range of depth, experiences and stories that speak to all generations.

Reflecting a diverse array of musical influences like Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews, Dashboard Confessional and Eric Clapton, this twenty-seven year old artist has been able to capture an organic and authentic style all his own. With his style crossing genre borders between acoustic rock, pop and folk, Kyle dares to bridge these styles in many of his songs.

With the recent release of Kyle's debut EP, Bliss and Ignorance, he tackles themes of life, love and spirtual discovery. In his contagious song, "Three Cheers", Kyle was inspired to look at our culture's obsessive fascination with image and pop culture as reflected in the song's chorus: "So lift up your glass and toast to bliss and ignorance/three cheers to people who don't even care to think about the mess we're in/'Cuz all we need to focus is on image and how to look our best."

Reliving the electric emotions and memories of being in love are seen on such rock driven songs as "Coastal Winds" and "February's Best". Kyle is able to capture how time and location are fused with our emotions of being in love. Megginson also develops songs with a more intimate, spiritual focus as with his powerful acoustic song, "Beautiful Morning". These lyrics reminds us that there is hope beyond the trials of life: "It's a beautiful morning/sunny days are on the way/if you could ever know how much I love you so/you would always see how beautiful you are to me."

With music that evokes a sense of journey, Kyle aims to connect with his listeners. “My music is my story. Whenever and wherever I play, the listener is always invited to share in the journey.”


Three Cheers

Written By: Kyle Megginson

Every now and then I get a little bit tired, get a little bit weary
Of what everybody’s been dealing me
I get caught up in a daze
Every bullet taken, every shotgun blasted has diminished our senses
And our vision isn’t what it used to be
Murder suspect: vanity

So lift up your glass and toast to bliss and ignorance
Three cheers to people who don’t even care to think about the mess we’re in
‘Cuz all we need to focus on is image and how to look our best.

The 3-ring circus has begun, you’ve got your lines and I’ve got mine
Disguise ourselves as someone else cuz circus clowns is what we’ve become
And the show must go on
So buy some hair, paint your face, no more room for second place
Perfect body’s on the way, just skip two meals every day
That’s the price we have to pay

Media and magazines don’t want to show you what I mean
Cuz they’re too busy making money wrecking lives and building up the fashion scene
We’re playing right into the game

Coastal Winds

Written By: Kyle Megginson

The coastal winds are coming in
From a distance they are coming closer, we are
Thirty feet above the world and on the edge of something good…
On the edge of something good.

Her voice softer than the wind
Battles beauty with the ocean break, with the ocean breaks
My heart is on my sleeve again, I’d better take a few steps back
‘Cuz I’m in over my head.

Tomorrow comes and no one knows, but it’s all in our heads
Where we think we belong
Yesterday was so grand, I can’t think of any better time
Than that late August night; the second best day of my life

The coastal winds are flooding in
With it draws the sun to break the tide, it’s come to wreck our night
My heart is on my sleeve again, so take this shirt up off my back,
‘Cuz I’m way in over my head
Don’t bother to pull me in

February's Best

Written By: Kyle Megginson

This January breeze, it's just not what I need
I need to get away for the summer.
The new year started fine, the weather seemed divine,
But somewhere in between, her heart died.

So come winter, turn summer, I can't stay here much longer.

Her smile haunts me still, it sends a bitter chill.
Back into the cold I wander.
Trapped beneath the ice where 'numb' becomes my vice
And my love for her.

So come winter, turn summer, I can't stay here any longer.

Come summer, melt some time, I'm getting cold on the inside.
Winter's chill is now mine, I need your season to unwind.

I'm hoping for the spring to pull in better things,
This January cold is bitter.
Forgetting all the rest, I want February's best
Cuz something tells me she might be there.

So come winter, turn summer.
I can't stand this any longer.

Come winter, turn to summer.
Promise me your days get better.
Cuz your grip is getting stronger,
I can't live with this any longer.


"Bliss and Ignorance" EP - 2008
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Set List

Coastal Winds
Three Cheers
Dying Inside
Beautiful Morning
February's Best
Nothing At All
Cold in California
She Makes Me Move
Bed of a Thousand Feathers
Road Forgotten