Kyle Mercer

Kyle Mercer


A passionate aspiring young Country music singer/ songwriter recording artist who plays for the people and always loves to please a crowd whether it be with great song lyrics or just a hands down fun performance.


Kyle is an unsigned Country music singer-songwriter recording artist currently residing in Nashville, Tn. Born in 1985, he was raised by a supportive loving family that was split between Texas and Arizona. He grew up playing sports for most of his young life while also playing in local music contests and venues whenever he could. After graduating high school he decided to join the U.S. Navy. He served a four year tour overseas stationed in Japan with his military tour of duty spread all throughout the Pacific visiting places like Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea to name a few. While serving he'd entertain his fellow troops playing in a local Country music band on base. After his service and traveling the world he decided to move back to Arizona and pursue his college degree and also formed a new Country band playing music in local bars and big venues like Toby Keith's Bar, Diamond back stadium and Dodge Theater around his home town of Phoenix, Az. One highlight of his career was competing in The Country Colgate Showdown and taking first place for all of Northern Arizona which is a nationwide contest with a rich history of artists competing like Garth Brooks and Leanne Rhymes. After this contest Kyle was requested by STUDIO ONE MEDIA to help in the sound development of the famous MYSTUDIO booth which can be found in malls across America. During that time he had the privilege of working with Shelly Yakkus (Produced U2, Stevie Knicks) and famed film director Lienol C. Martin (Director “How to be a Player”, Boyz II Men Music videos,etc). Kyle played as one of the main acts at the Red/Blue Carpet Release party of the MYSTUDIO Booth in Scottsdale Fashion Square which had 3000+ in attendance. Finally, Kyle finished his Associates degree at Glendale Community College in Phoenix and with 10 years of combined live shows, studio recordings and a catalogue of written songs under his belt; he decided to make being a Country music artist/writer his full time gig. He arrived to Nashville by himself about three years ago with no contacts, a job, and lived in his truck for a month until finally landing a couple jobs dish washing and chimney sweeping. Since then he's been making a name for himself in the music industry playing Nashville Honkytonks and being mentored by some of Nashville's finest writer's and industry professionals like SeaGayle Music Publishing's Creative Director Mike Owens and Pete and Pat Luboff who’ve had cuts with Snoop Dogg, wrote Patti LaBelle’s No. 2 charting “Body Language” and worked with Micheal Peterson and Glen Jones among others. Kyle has been busy finishing up his senior year at Belmont University studying Music Business and also chooses to spend time giving back to his community as a "BIG" volunteer with The Big Brother's and Big Sister foundation. Currently Kyle is in the process of recording his first OFFICIAL EP which will be set to drop in April. The greatest time he has is on stage playing live music and jamming out with his fans. "Although most of my songs have been written from personal experience my music is really made for anyone who likes to have a good time pounding beers, remembers a heart break or the one that got away, and loves their family, friends, and where they come from."- KM


Where Ya Comin' From

Written By: Kyle Mercer and Sue Cunningham

My momma comes from New York
My dad down Waco way
And I was born in Phoenix
Out west you all might say

Now I’m a singing Cowboy
Can’t rope but I can ride
And country music’s in my heart
No matter where I reside


Cause you can come from Denver You can come from Cleveland, Nashville or Timbucktoo
You can come from Jackson, you can come from Salt Lake, Vegas
Don’t matter where you come from

-Chorus End-

Now I live my life Country
But grew up on the city side
with a Country music’s heart and soul
and a cowboy sense of pride


Cause you can come from Trenton, you can come from Lincoln, L.A. or Alaska too
You can come from Macon, you can come from Brooklyn, Tulsa
That’s where your comin’ from
-Chorus End-

THAT’S where your comin’ from
THAT’S where your comin’ from
THAT’S where your comin’ from


So if you say your country
In Portland or Blum
Just kick off your boots and throw back a cold one
Cause that’s where your comin’ from--End Bridge--

THAT’S where your comin’ from
THAT’S where your comin’ from
Oh yea yea

THAT’S where your comin’ from
THAT’S where your comin’ from
THAT’S where your comin’ from

And that’s where you belongggggggggg

Lesson's Not Forgotton

Written By: Kyle Mercer

Feeling like a Monday
When you’ve barely gotten up
wishin’ it was Sunday
workin’ on a one night Love

Speakin’ of workin’
it’s almost past 4
your dragin’ ass again
as you stumble that ol' front door


Ya better shape up
and do the best you can
you better stop acting like a kid and start to be a man
life is rough, but bottle ain’t got the answers at the bottom
lessons not forgotten

--End Chorus--

Your day was a long one
and you barely made it through
Now your ready for a cold one
cause the bottle depends on you

And now it’s that time again
your gonna drink till your drunk
above the law again
as you drive of in your pick up truck


Ya better shape up
quit while there’s a chance
Devil’s got a hold on you and about to make you dance

life is tough, but the bottle ain’t got the answers at the bottom
Lessons not forgotten

(Single Acoustic strum for each lyric line from here)

Now it’s to late
to tell you goodbye
guess it’s my problem

You’re a lesson not forgotten

A hero to me

Written By: Kyle Mercer

This world can pick you up it can throw you down
Sometimes you never realize
What you have until she’s gone
But then again you might have seen it
In her everyday events
You dare not take for granted
All the time on you she spends
She’s a parent and a lover
She’s a fighter like a brother
She’s a caring simple heart with you on her mind
She’s a complex conversation
But through all your frustrations
There’s a lesson to be learned just wait and see
She’s a teacher, she’s a mother
And she’s a hero to me

She started out for a college degree
A basketball star all state first team
And I know she looks back in time
On what she could have done
Puts on a little mama smile
And thanks the Lord now for her son

She’s an angel on a mission
She’s the cleaner in the kitchen
She’s always taking care of everything
She’s the worried one for her baby
She cried when he left for the Navy, that day
No worries it’s a mother thing
She’s my best friend, I call her mama
And she’s a hero to me

When you grow up it’ll probably be the same
You’ll try and show her grandkids how you were trained
And the lessons come and go
But her memory is there
She’s helping you do what you know
While telling God to sit straight in his chair

She’s the queen of the castle
She’s a single mom what a hassle
She’s trying to do everything for everyone
She’s the foremen at the dinner table
She’s the woman who makes me able
To see, a mother’s job is never done

She’s the maker she’s my creator
And she’s a hero to me
Yeah she’s a hero to me
She’s a hero to me

She’s my mother like no other
And she’s a hero to me


"Cowboy Type"- Radio airplay with radio station KNIX in Phoenix, AZ

Set List

Set list songs include:

1. Where Ya Comin’ From-ORIGINAL
2. Jim Croce- Don't Mess Around with Jim
3. Courtesy of the red white and blue-Toby Keith
4. Love Did It- ORIGINAL
5. Memory to Burn- ORIGINAL
6. Much to Young(to feel this damn old)- Garth Brooks
7. I’m still a guy- Brad Paisley
8. Cowboy Type- ORIGINAL
9. Right where I need to Be- Gary Allan
10. Two Pina Coladas- Garth Brooks
11. Honky Tonk Man-Dwight Yoakam
12. Life by the Drop-Stevie Ray Vaughn
13. Beer in Mexico-Kenny Chesney
14. Friends In Low Places- Garth Brooks
15. Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash
16. Diamonds ain’t forever- ORIGINAL
17. Guitars Cadillacs- Dwight Yoakam