Kyle Nicolaides

Kyle Nicolaides

 Los Angeles, California, USA

IImagine the time spent reading this meaningless elevator pitch, you instead actually listened to the music of Kyle Nicolaides. You would then, instantaneously attain enlightenment to the truth he is a musical deity among the masses of mediocre melodies and terrible talent in modern music. But it’s your job, and we wont tell you what to do.


5 things you should know about kyle nicolaides

1. he thinks too much and is too serious all the time*

2. his holy trinity are music, tea**, and women.

3. call him a singer/songwriter and see what happens***

4. has the soul of a 66 year old, looks like a 31 year old, birth records say 20, but feels like a 13 year old girl

5. he thinks he can play guitar better than you****

*known to go to college parties and leave alone in a brooding panic due to frequent existential breakdowns
**the kind you drink not smoke
***try it fucker
****he probably can, (and if not, wont admit it)


Hellhound Revival (2010)
Luna (2010)

"Howl" (2010)