truelove the culprit

truelove the culprit


Truelove the culprit is indie music in its most honest form .


coming from a small town in southern Ontario i was surrounded by music my whole life. my mom Cathy Truelove is a singer song writer who brought me to every gig and festival she played since i was very young, giving me the desire to write andperform. i taught my self to play many instruments from wind to string to percussion and have been in many genres of bands from country to hardcore to bluegrass. i write honest music that everyone relates to, i play to share my stories and connect with the audience. influenced at a young age by musicians such as, Patsy Cline, John Denver, Alanna Miles my taste developed in to performers such as Conar Oberst, Jim Cuddy, Andy Hull, Kevin Devine, Joel Plaskett, and this collage of influences comes threw in the way i write, play and carry myself as a musician. whats sets me apart from other musicians is that i do it with passion for the need to play, tour, give back to our community and connect with my fans on a emotional level

kyle truelove


kyle truelove-before the winter ep

truelove the culprit-dirty deed single

Truelove the culprit- self titled album release date Dec21.2012

Set List

really it depends on the venue, with over 40 original songs i am comfortable opening as well as head lining.