Kyle Van Band

Kyle Van Band


Kyle Van Band is the catchy & original, energizing & bon vivant group formed by Kyle, who learned to sing in Greek & busked across Europe to jam with gypsies. His work in West Africa, Appalachia, and Venezuela continues to influence his music. Based in San Diego, CA, this band is awesome.


Kyle's songwriting exploded after long stays in
Appalachia and France. His songs are the result of
struggles in dark places where somehow, he finds
the light.

Listeners and fans share in his journeys: hitchhiking
a snowy road in Ireland, wild nights in pre-Katrina
New Orleans, facing off various mafia in France &
even--high school students in Los Angeles.

The band is well seasoned and spicy.


1st Album Coming in Spring 2008!!!

Complete Tracks on

--Pain Perdu
--The Last Gentleman
--To the Heart of a Girl

Set List

Our set lists cater to every venue/audience. We're
ready for Rock, Country, Rockabilly, Cajun,
Irish, or Acoustic. Typically we play 1-2 sets.

Set 1:
The Island
Pain Perdu
The Last Gentleman
Mississippi Queen
Mad Lizzie B
To the Heart of a Girl

Set 2:
Benny Franklin Blues
Chill Pill
Tout Mon Amour
No Matter
Le Loup Garou
Cinq Avenues
Alligator Womp
Love in Ruins
Shannon MacLaughlin

Other Original Tunes:
Looking Back
La Llorana
Marie Antoinette
Night of the Living Dead...
Merde du Chien
Feed My Mind
Thom O'Shaughnessy

Psycho Killer, Talking Heads
Girls Just Wanna, Cyndi Lauper
Heroes, David Bowie
In God's Country, U2
Love Will Tear Us Apart, Joy Division
Dirty Old Town, Irish Traditional
Out of Control, U2 (bluegrass arrangement)