Kyle Wayne Evans

Kyle Wayne Evans

BandHip HopRock

CHRIST over all. Influenced by the creator of all things. Deep meanings and catches, chops and punch lines. Different than my peers in that I'm not basing my art off of anyone else, just what I feel and to give glory to GOD. The music should catch sinners and saints and revolutionize music period.


22 years old. Raised in Church. Fell into sin and had an encounter with JESUS later in my teens I will never forget. Called to reach a dying world and a hurting generation. Traveled with Eddie James Ministries for 2 years where I wrote a few songs under Him, He started Phoenix mass choir and also works with T.d. Jakes, Israel Houghton, Hezekiah Walker to name a few. Recently married and I speak once a week to youth discipling them in JESUS and speaking into their lives. SPEAKER/LYRICIST.. overall a radical lover of JESUS and a reformist.


One song called Shift I wrote with eddie James that is on a Capitol Records c.d. but as for my solo career in rap nothing yet.. mixes and tracks showcasing my writing and lyrical abilities, also speed rapping/chopping and singing.