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Kyle Wyley

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Kyle seamlessly blends the best elements of country, jazz, blues and Latin music to create his own signature style. Country has given him an appreciation of music that portrays life's experiences; blues has deepened his approach to interpreting a song; and Latin has influenced his groove.


I was raised on a ranch in New Mexico and unlike most musicians who now call Nashville home I did not grow up singing in a church. I learned to sing starting around the age of 7 while riding a horse and herding cows with our ranch hand and friend Jesus. The cows were the ideal audience; lots of moos and no boos!

I also bought my first CD at the age of 7; a box set compilation of Mozart and have loved classical music ever since.

Even though the industry tries to put labels on consumers and lump them into genre 'boxes' I feel the audience today is very knowledgeable and diverse in their musical taste and want an artist to incorporate different musical styles into his or her show.

I tailor each show to fit the audience; what they want to hear is more important than what I might want to play. They are, and will always be, the boss.

I am proud to say that I get a great deal of repeat business. My gigs at the South Dakota State Fair are a good example of this. I first played there in the small, small beer garden in 2004. Before I left they had invited me back for 2005 where I played on the Freedom Stage and the same thing happened again; before I left the fair last year they asked me back for this year and are putting me on the grandstand as an opening act. I am happy to supply quotes from previous buyers.

Lastly, I am equally at home doing a solo gig as I am a full band one. In fact, I usually sell more merchandise on average at solo gigs....


Quit Coming Around

Written By: Alfonse Kettner

Quit Coming Around

Mary Jo, what's it gonna be
Will I ever get to see another you and me
I can't stand this sitting in solitude
I thought long and I thought hard
'bout your no calls and your no cards
And I've just got one thing to say to you

Quit coming around, quit coming around
I ain't been the same since you
Quit coming around, quit coming around

I gotta know what's up
I can't find the bottom of my coffee cup
It don't sip right without you hon
So tell me what did I do
Or was it something I forgot to
Tell me what to fix and I'll get it done
I just don't want you to

Quit coming around, quit coming around
I ain't been the same since you
Quit coming around, quit coming around

Well my whole world is shot to heck
I just can't seem to resurrect
A fraction of the life I had
Cause I love you girl and I miss you bad

Quit coming around, quit coming around
I ain't been the same since you
Quit coming around, quit coming around


Self-titled CD in 2005 sold via website and CD Baby.

New CD in the plans for release fall of 2006

First single to radio March 2006

Set List

As I mentioned previously, I tailor my songs for the audience and buyer. My corporate set list is a bit different from the basic fair and festival set which list includes:

Mess Around
She Knows What to Do*
That's Alright Mama
Stand up and Testify
Driving My Life Away
Working Man
When You Say Nothing at All
Don't Close Your Eyes
With You*
Liza Jane
Honky Tonk Women
Folsom Prison Blues
Blues About You Baby*
Hit the Road Jack
Little Sister
Hound Dog
Mustang Sally
Wicked Game

*on first CD