You have just made love to Bjork for six hours while listening to the entirety of her catalog. Now she wants to cuddle to something just as heartfelt and urgent and intimate, but less icelandic. KYLIAN it is.


KYLIAN is the merging of organic and synthetic, an exploration of the origin of sound and the possibilities inherent in those basic vibrations when augmented by digital and analog processing.

The solo project of violinist/singer/songwriter/producer Emily Holden, KYLIAN uses live vocal looping, beats, organic and electronic samples and processed violin sounds to create pop songs with lush textures, infectious beats and catchy hooks.

Whether performing solo or with her band (which often includes a five-piece horn section), the primal energy of her songs and her riveting trance-like state pulls the audience into her world.

Soulful but not soul, modern but rooted in traditional sounds, KYLIAN blurs the line between synth-pop and primordial ritual, and the result is powerful, edgy and earnest music that hits you squarely in the chest.


upcoming EP- We Are Ready