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"Critic's Pick"

“Kylie Harris didn't move 10,000 miles from New Zealand to Nashville to become a TV star -it just kinda worked out that way. In Fact, the effervescent host of GAC's "The Edge of Country" is herself a talented singer-songwriter who has performed on the Grand Ole Opry, opened for Kenny Rogers and Ricky Skaggs, and served as a member of Patty Loveless' backing band. As a songwriter she conveys both emotional depth and a frisky wit, and the lilting speaking voice you've heard on TV becomes an appealing, engaging singing voice onstage. Check out her myspace page ( to preview a couple of songs from her
upcoming second American album.” (May 24th, 2007)
– Critics Pick by Chris Neal - The Nashville Scene
- Nashville Scene

"That Rare Star Power"

“Kylie Harris has a powerful presence combined with an uncanny ability to interpret a song”
– Susan Jarvis, The Sun Herald, Australia
- The Sun Herald

"Direct Current Review"

No surprise that the latest from the New Zealand to Nashville transplant comfortably straddles authentic country twang and the more raw, rocky musical borders of tough-minded Americana. After all, Harris was the host of the popular 'Great American Country' series 'Edge of Country', a show that championed the rising stars of "Alternative Country."

An award-winning country performer in her native New Zealand, Harris made a move to Nashville a decade ago to immerse herself in the unique Music City vibes and set the stage for her own music in the States. Following up her praised 2004-self titled release, the forthcoming 'Love, Lessons and Lies' centers Harris' soulful, honey-dripped voice above a richly sumptuous backing of bluesy, R&B-meets-country-swing.

Comparisons to the pioneering modern country attitude of artists such as Roseanne Cash and Mary Chapin Carpenter as well as Bonnie Raitt and the recort Mark Knopfler / Emmylou Harris collaboration are expected. But what isn't is the exceptional quality of songwriting and the sterling production from drummer Marco Giovino that manages to combine a ragged, organic earthiness with a finely textured polish. The lovely ballad "Now and Then" finds a beautiful balance with the haunting blues wail and darkly sweet rock rhythms of 'Miles and Miles'. A luxurious, shimmering gem, 'Sundown' drifts in after the half-shuffling, half-strutting 'Drive' floats away in a glorious haze of a soaring guitar lead, incessant backbeat and jazzy-cool organ fills. - - Direct Current

"All The Qualities of a Grammy Nominated Album"

One quick listen to the new Kylie Harris CD, “Love, Lessons, & Lie” and it becomes obvious that she is a talented singer and songwriter. It is also apparent that she has used her critically acclaimed reputation and the influence of hosting GAC’s “Edge Of Country” television show to attract an extremely high level of professional musicians to accompany her on this new CD.

I have attended almost a hundred live performances of “Nashville” female musicians this year, and have listened to countless CD’s sent to me by promoters, artists, and record companies. Unfortunately, I lump many into the same category – I’ll call it “The Same” category, since they all essentially sound the same. Even the ones that were well produced fall into the “Same” category quite often. I was beginning to think the Americana genre, or Roots, or whatever they call it nowadays was doomed to sameness.

Not so with “Love, Lessons, & Lies”. Perhaps I was influenced by the very first track, “Different Place, Different Time”. It immediately struck me as different in a very good way. It’s a haunting tune, somewhat reminiscent of Chris Isaak’s great song, “Wicked Game”. There is some good guitar work on this cut, and Harris gives it a very sultry performance.

Just when you get used to the first cut, she switches gears and goes a tad country with “Down To The Ground”. After the first song’s originality and unique qualities, I was caught off guard by the second. Halfway through it, at the first break, I realized I really liked this one, too. And so went the rest of the CD. Each and every track was good. That’s a rarity. I even got a little more of the Chris Isaak influence on “I Want To Be The One” and “Poet’s Dream”. I don’t know if Isaak actually was an influence to Harris or her producer, but I sure picked it up.

The instruments played on the CD run the gamut of Americana and Country. One can hear the subtle influence of the National String, accordions, acoustic guitars, a good slide guitar and even a clarinet and violin. Seven guitar players are listed on the CD jacket. Couple the perfect mix of instruments with the crystal clear voice Harris possesses, and the CD has all the qualities of a Grammy nominated album.

I can see this CD being played on Country stations, as well as mainstream radio, and easy listening stations. It’s a crossover CD, with tunes that can please most anyone’s tastes. That itself speaks wonders for the CD and its artists and producer. To get more Country play, I would consider adding some pedal steel to tracks 2-6 and 8-10. Shania Twain used to release two versions of the same CD – one for country and one for the Hot 100 audience. She was able to do that because she had crossover qualities, as does Harris.

As far as I am concerned, it was perfect for my tastes.

Bob Payne is the Music Critic/Writer for the, one of the largest online newspapers in the United States, with over 50,000 hits per day on the website. He also hosts a radio show on WAWL FM 91.5 radio in Chattanooga, and writes for Performer Magazine, the nations largest publication for independent musicians. -

"Her television show is called “The Edge of Country,” and she practices what she preaches. Love, Lessons & Lies, the new CD by GAC’s Kylie Harris, is a splendidly left-field listening experience. It is not only produced with imagination, it is filled with "

@MusicRow May 29, 2009
"DisClaimer" column by Robert K. Oermann
Perhaps best known to U.S. audiences as a TV host on GAC, in her native New Zealand Kylie wins major awards for her music. Her second American CD features this rolling, melodic, mid-tempo meditation with a scintillating harmony from Patty. Will Barrow’s accordion backup work is stellar. Listenable in the extreme. The whole album is a sonic delight, with lots of refreshingly different audio textures. Check out the rumbling, shuddering guitar on “Down to the Ground,” the heartbeat rhythm of “Drive,” the sighing slide on “Now and Then,” the clarinet (!) on “Waltz Me Til Dawn” and the dreamy organ on “Sundown.”
Column intro:
Her television show is called “The Edge of Country,” and she practices what she preaches.
Love, Lessons & Lies, the new CD by GAC’s Kylie Harris, is a splendidly left-field listening experience. It is not only produced with imagination, it is filled with excellently written tunes. A tip of the cap and a Disc of the Day salute.
- Robert Oerman - "DisClaimer" - Music Row Magazine

"Fact Sheet"

Originally from New Zealand
1992 Youngest ever recipient of New Zealand’s Overall “Gold Guitar Award�
1992 Gold Guitar Award Winner for Best Traditional Vocal
1992 Gold Guitar Award Winner for Best Female Vocal
1992 Gold Guitar Award Winner for Best Gospel Vocal
1995 signed recording deal with BMG New Zealand
1995 Winner of New Zealand’s Recording Industry Awards (Tui’s) for “Country Album of the Year�
1995 Winner of New Zealand’s Recording Industry Awards (Tui’s) for “Rising Star� award
1995 Toured as opening act with Ricky Skaggs throughout New Zealand
1997 Winner of New Zealand’s Recording Industry Awards (Tui’s) for “Country Album of the Year�
1997 Opened for Kenny Rogers in New Zealand
1997 Toured as opening act for Charley Pride throughout New Zealand and Australia
1999 Moved to Nashville, TN
2001-2008 Hosted “On The Edge of Country� for Great American Country Television Network
2004 Winner of New Zealand’s Recording Industry Awards (Tui’s) for “Country Album of the Year�
2005 Opened for Charley Pride’s Canadian Tour
2005 Awarded New Zealand’s Recording Industry Awards (Tui’s) for “Country Song of the Year� for “Love’s Back Hand�, written with Marco Giovino.
2005-2006 Joined Patty Loveless’s band providing vocals, guitar and mandolin
2006 Awarded Gold Guitar Award for New Zealand’s “Songwriter of the Year�
2006 Named “International Ambassador� of the Year at New Zealand’s Southland Entertainer of the Year Awards
2008 completed new album “Love, Lessons and Lies� to be released in August
- Fact Sheet


2009 - Love, Lessons and Lies (release date tbd...)
2005 - Kylie Harris
1998 - Fancy
1996 - Let It Be Love



Kylie Harris began singing and playing guitar at 13 years of age. After releasing two albums and receiving widespread acclaim in her native New Zealand, the accomplished singer, writer and instrumentalist decided to bring her talent to Nashville. First-time listeners and longtime fans alike are drawn in by her honest and soulful delivery, which has drawn comparisons to Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, Linda Ronstadt, Roseanne Cash and the great Patsy Cline.

At 17, Kylie became the youngest-ever winner of the overall Gold Guitar Award. This high-profile win eventually lead to a recording contract with BMG. Her debut album, "Let It Be Love", was a critical and commercial success, earning her "Country Album of the Year" and the "Rising Star" award at New Zealand's Music & Entertainment Awards. Her second album, "Fancy", also took top album honors at those same awards two years later. This success and recognition lead her to tour throughout New Zealand and Australia as the opening act for Kenny Rogers, Ricky Skaggs, The Irish Rovers and Charley Pride, whom she also supported here in the states.

In 2001, her musical abilities and personable manner caught the attention of the television network, Great American Country (GAC). They invited her to host her own daily show called "The Edge of Country", a program that caters to all fans of Americana/Roots music; it also reaches over 42 million homes in North America to this day.

2004 & 2005 found Kylie once again taking home top honors for Country Album of the Year and Song of the Year back in New Zealand. All this coming on the heels of her joining Patty Loveless' touring band, where she provided acoustic guitar, mandolin and background vocals.

Kylie has traveled many miles in pursuit of advancing and growing as an artist and musician. Her new album, "Love, Lessons and Lies", reflects on that journey. With contributions from; G.E. Smith,(Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, George Harrison), Patty Loveless; Doug Lancio, (Patty Griffin, John Hiatt); Niko Bolas, (Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon); Richard Dodd; (Tom Petty, Dixie Chicks) and some of New York's and Nashville's top musicians, this album has all the ingredients to make it a timeless classic.

In a business that has overly produced and manufactured stars, Kylie reminds us that true and real talent should always be a prerequisite.