Youth ON FIRE for CHRIST!!

The above is the best description when KyLisa comes to mind. She is a young lady at the age of 14, who has known and lived nothing but JESUS.

KyLisa stands out from her peers and her life mirrors being "set apart for God". She is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus and her walk matches her talk. She's not perfect, but she knows that she serves a perfect savior, and she strives to be more like Him daily.
KyLisa is a leader by any standard.
God has blessed KyLisa with the gift/talent of singing since the age of two and writing since the age of six, with no formal training. KyLisa is blazing a new trail as she accepts opportunities to minister in song at various churches, youth events and other organizations.

KyLisa's most recent appearances/accomplishements include:

National Anthem for The Charlotte Bobcats

Vikie Winans National Teen Talent Search TOP TEN

Winner of The Journey to the Stars singing competition

Proverbs 31 Ministries "Modest is Hottest" teen fashion

The Freedom Crusade (before a crowd of 1000+)

The Park Ministries

Friendship Baptist Church

Hickory Grove Baptist (before a crowd of 1100+)

KyLisa sang at a church of 10,000 members with a youth choir and God moved in KyLisa and many were moved to action in Jesus because of what God did through KyLisa. The church also has service via internet, and the music director informed KyLisa's family that she had 500+ hits on the website that day, asking "who was that little girl?" ..and how they were blessed.

It is no surprise when people are amazed at KyLisa's maturity in the things concerning God; as she's been witnessing to strangers in the world since the age of two.
KyLisa is an "A" Student at her school and is respected by all her peers and teachers due to her strong faith in the Lord. Many students express to KyLisa how her faith and her music encourage and inspire them and they often send these thoughts directly to her website under the "shout out" page. It is for this reason she wrote the song titled "FAITH".
A personal note from KyLisa:
My family, friends and others continue to confirm the anointing that I know God has on my life and I desire to serve Him whole-heartedly, and bring glory to His name. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and my prayer is that through my music that others would find courage to take a positive stand for Jesus.



Written By: KyLisa

So you feel like your losing your mind, 'cause your going through a really tough time, and you feel that no one cares look around and no ones there.
But I got great news for ya, Jesus got great love for ya, forget the world and all its lies, look to Him and you'll realize you. 'Gotta have faith, it'll be just find, 'gotta have faith, when you ain't got a dime, 'gotta have faith helps on the way. You 'gotta have faith to make it through the day.


Single "Faith" to be released June 8th, 2008.

Single "Changed" released June 8th 2005 in San Diego, California.
Received high ratings KURS Radio, San Diego, Ca

Single "God Thang" written and arranged by KyLisa to be released summer 2009