Kym Campbell

Kym Campbell

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Often described as an infusion of acoustic surf roots, folk, reggae and island music, Kym’s influences span an array of genres and her music reflects a lifestyle of travel, sun, ocean, surf and song, incorporating elements of laidback guitar, harmonica and ukulele.


With a surfboard under one arm and a guitar under the other, Kym Campbell’s signature brand of acoustic pop is making waves across the Pacific. Originally hailing from Seattle, the American-Australian songstress is often described as the female Jack Johnson, performing acoustic, surf and reggae music, peppered with guitar, ukulele and harmonica.

Kym was inspired to learn to play guitar at the late age of 20, after hearing Ben Harper play at her university in California. Shortly after picking up the guitar, Campbell moved from Seattle to Australia, where she discovered and embraced the Australian coastal culture of surf, sun and music. Campbell may have been a late starter as an Australian, a surfer and a musician, but this combination was such a natural fit that she progressed rapidly in all three pursuits.

By 2008, Kym was beginning to turn heads, becoming a finalist in the Top 10 Music Oz Awards for Best Singer/Songwriter and being Highly Commended by judges for three songs from her debut EP, So Alive. This was quickly followed with the selection of So Alive as the soundtrack for a number of surfing DVDs and events, with Campbell also selling over 2,000 copies of her independently released and self produced debut EP.

Since then, Campbell has signed with an independent record label in Australia and released a second EP ‘Preview’, which received generous radio play throughout Australia in 2010. Kym also received international attention, being chosen by Sounds Australia to showcase her music in Japan in late-2010, leading to a full album release deal with one of Japan’s largest record label giants.

Campbell’s busy schedule has seen her performing alongside such notables as Ash Grunwald, Bobby Long, Joseph Arthur and Hayley Sales as well as receiving a large amount of international media coverage, including Nylon Magazine in 2011. Recent festival appearances include the highly coveted Greenroom Festival in Yokohama, Japan, as well as The Noosa Surfing Festival, The Yackandandah Folk Festival, Blues on Broadbeach and The Tablelands Folk Festival within Australia.

Kym will be touring nationally in Australia in 2011 to promote her new single ‘Anyone But You’, as well as playing internationally to support her full album release in Japan, where she will be taking full advantage of her appearances to highlight environmental, political and social issues close to her heart.


Rolls That Way

Written By: Kym Campbell

I wake up in the morning, sunlight fills my eyes
Another day with you my darling, lets thank God that we’re just alive
So hold me, kiss me, love me. Show me that your mine.
And I’ll promise you that I’ll never leave, yeah, I’ll always be by your side.


Oh, how about it, oh baby lets just outside, with you and me in the sun, oh I’ll tell you why,
The simplicity of you and me, together under this sky.

Because without you my ground is shaking, yeah without you, my foundations a breaking,
But without you I will see it through, but you will always be in my mind, yeah, yeah.


So sorry I had to go away. We just might see each other another day.
Ain’t it funny how life rolls that way X4


Oh, ain’t it funny how life rolls that way X3


Written By: Kym Campbell

A small moment in time can seem as long as a year to mind.
So collect those seconds well, like a bird, a bee, to the flowers, to the trees.


So lets play a little longer, yeah lets dance a little stronger. All those memories will fill up the cloudy days. Yeah, lets sings a little louder cause you know I wouldn’t be prouder it you remembered what you got, yeah each and everyday.

What about those sleepy summer times or the smell on a crisp October night. What about those long talks under midnights candlelight.

Do you feel that day, or does it fade away. How does our mind decay away those days.



Written By: Kym Campbell

Life is full of familiar faces, places I have left behind. But one thing will always be with me. And from it I will rise. I’ll rise x 3. Cause I have climbed from the bottom, seen from the top, I have risen from the ashes felt hate and love. But one thing will never forsake me and from it I will rise x 3.

Because music is soul, my life its so pleasin, my reason to emrbace each and every day. I have finally found my way. Now musics in my heart to stay, each and every day. At last I am on my way.

Cause when the going gets tough or I’m in a rut, I can always always find my way back to you. Or what about those days when things never seem to go your way, friendships that decay, lovers that betray, oh but to me, oh you always are true. From you I’ll rise x 3. Cause I have climb from the bottom, seen from the top, I have risen from the ashes felt hate and love. But one thing will never forsake me and from it I will rise. I will rise x 3.

Real Life

Written By: Kym Campbell

Look at you you’ve got nothing to lose, with those fancy shoes, eyelashes tinted blue. But all it really seems to me is that you want to be like all those magazines lady. But that aint real life, come on baby!

How do we ever find our way? In a world full of such silly things like manicures and SUVs, oh walking down the road to mediocrity lady. Oh, no why don’t you go and leave those things behind? Lets get back to real life.

And what about these clothes that I’m wearing, or the body that I’m carrying? Cause these clothes were half the price and my real nose will suffice, I’m gonna spend all my money on real life. The ocean has no price tag. Come on lady.


Written By: Kym Campbell

Oh I’ll remember that day when everything just dropped away. Except you and me so why can’t we just let it be? Oh why can’t we just let it be?

And no more question the complexity, let’s just agree to come together and enjoy the sweet simplicity of you and me. Oh of you and me.

And its to good to be true when I’m standing there with you. And I have so much to tell you I hope its just a preview of a time to come cause I’m telling everybody, I hope its just a preview.

Because our bodies fit together like a perfect lock and key so you can touch me all night, holding me so lovingly. Oh holding me so lovingly. There was no time for us to say goodbye, the maybe to solidify, to hold you, to know you, to grow with you.

Because you make me want to go out and be all that I can be and lying next to you is so good that I can barely breath. So good that I can barely breath.


"So Alive" - 2008 (Independent Release)

"Preview" - 2010 (Released through Medici Studios, distribution MGM)

Set List

The set list will always vary depending on the night. Kym will usually play a number of hits from both of her recent EPs, including ‘Moments’, ‘Rolls That Way’, ‘Music’, ‘Real Life’, ‘Preview’, ‘Free Flowing’, ‘Back To You’ and ‘Mocking Bird’. Usually included as well will be some the recent crowd-pleasers that have yet to be recorded like ‘Just Me’, ‘Take a Stand’, ‘Call My Bluff’, ‘When I’m With You’ and ‘Give It Up’.