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"Genuine Passion"

"There's a genuine passion and drive behind Tuvim's vocals and lyrics throughout 'On The Mend' - not to mention a compelling power and richness - that must be experienced to be truly appreciated." - Erica Gallagher, Venus Magazine

"One of the best young artists out there"

"It's certainly difficult to say something new and profound in the incredibly vast panorama of American songwriters, however Kym Tuvim's third album, without much publicity fanfare behind it, manages to have the calibre of material to help her reinvent herself as one the best young artists out there." - Roberto Menabo, Chitarrando Reviews

"Understated brilliance"

"Understated brilliance...In Tuvim's music, [there's] a strange sense of everything being in the right place that can only come from honesty and authenticity in songwriting. "
- Tristan Shook,

"Try not to tap your feet"

"'On the Mend' is a healing, a series of messages from one lover to another, an 'I' addressing a 'you' in every song...with a voice alternately confident and vulnerable but consistently sensual...literate... the songs swing, often driven by relentlessly syncopated rhythm guitar. Try not to tap your feet... listening to the emotion, sincerity, and earthiness of Tuvim's vocals will convince you she's fine now and getting better all the time." - David Kleiner,

"A worthwhile treasure"

"On the Mend, should be a worthwhile treasure for any fan...This album is masterfully arranged...The acoustic guitar work is superb and additional musicianship of the bass, drums, banjo, cello, pedal and lap steel for example are equally compelling. The
lyrics are unforgettable, but the way they are delivered by Tuvim is the real secret. The timing is so perfect throughout her songs...This is a singer I will definitely be looking forward to seeing live in the near future. I whole heartedly recommend this album and a concert ticket to accompany it."
4 1/2 stars - Tyler Champley,

"Easy to recommend"

"Intelligent and articulate...intensely personal and introspective... It's an approach and a sound that recalls Ani DiFranco's fierce independence and the warm accessibility of Tracy Chapman and Shawn Colvin. Overall, On The Mend, is thoughtfully accessible and easy to recommend."

"Beautiful voice"

"I walked in by chance on a showcase with Kym Tuvim...beautiful voice and combination strum-tap-style player. The music just flowed out of her."
( - Mark Saunder, Mad Agnes

"A journey of healing and courage"

Kym Tuvim's second release, On the Mend, takes us on a journey of healing and courage. Recovering from the loss of her Mother was devastating, but Kym's album is not one of sorrow - but of hope and courage. Kym has an eerie quality of songwriting that makes each listener feel that she is speaking only to them. Her music is part roots, americana and folk rock and takes you deep into the abyss and brings you back again....whole and ready to find the joy in living. Kym Tuvim is really On the Mend and we are all better for it."
( - Laney Goodman,

"A Perennial audience favorite"

"I’ve been a fan of Kym Tuvim’s music since I first heard her perform at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley over ten years ago. She’s a sublime, subtle lyricist, an incredibly resonant singer. Her voice is a cashmere blanket and her songs are a warm cup of chamomile. Plus, she's one of those rare songwriters whose guitar grooves are as memorable as her vocal melodies. In 2003, I was asked by Acoustic Guitar magazine to choose my Top 5 CDs of the year, and Kym’s record, “On The Mend,” was at the top of my list. When I began hosting house concerts, I couldn’t wait to get her on our calendar. She is an absolute pro and a perennial audience favorite. I plan to invite her back to perform every year." - Drew Pearce, contributing writer for Acoustic Guitar

"One of the pacific northwest's finest voices."

"One of the pacific northwest's finest voices. Kym Tuvim is not to be missed!" - Tam Martin, Booking Agent/Manager


"Nothing Sweet Nothing (2007)
"On The Mend" (2003)
"Kym Tuvim" (1998)



With a voice that "will pull you in the instant you hear it" (Charles R. Cross) and songwriting that is "intelligent, articulate... and introspective" (, Kym Tuvim has quietly, but steadily built a national following playing in listening rooms, living rooms, colleges and festivals across the country.

As a songwriter, she's taken the long way around, earning a BFA studying Jazz piano and composition from Cornish College in Seattle. And before that, suffering through strict classical piano lessons as a young girl, all the while teaching herself how to play guitar in not so quiet rebellion. When all was said and done, though, it was the songwriters that held sway, from Paul Simon and Rickie Lee Jones to Lyle Lovett and Joni Mitchell, Richard Buckner to Duke Ellington.

With her third album, all the influences are coming together. Timeless and truthful, the songs genre-bend through folk, jazz, pop and swampy blues, yet remain cohesive owing to the strength of Tuvim’s well-crafted songwriting and the sublime expressiveness of her voice. Understated and spacious arrangements go easy on the ears as the subtle production makes use of strings and horns, layers of harmonies and a solid rhythm section that emphasize the emotional depth and breadth of the stories being told. This mostly original collection of songs, the exception - a cover of “The More I See You”, an arrangement of which even Lyle Lovett could be proud, marks a new chapter in Tuvim’s quiet career as a singer-songwriter, musician and now first-time producer. Sitting in the producer’s chair, Kym set out to make an inexpensive home-grown album. Instead, she ran over budget assembling an eclectic group of Seattle area musicians and engineers, recording and mixing in a total of four home-studios over a 14 month period. It’s not a method she would necessarily recommend, but the results will hopefully prove worthy.