Kynch Folke

Kynch Folke


we play originals and covers that other bands don't play. give us a shot and you won't be disapointed. no gig to big. no gig too small...


Kynch Folke is more just a band. It's our way of life. I guess the foundation was layed 14 years ago when Roger Ivey and myself, Aaron Adams, convinced our parents to buy us our first set of drums and bass guitar. From then on we tortured them relentlesly until our departure from home base. We both got married and had kids. We really just pissed in the wind for several years. Fast forward several years, and we both are divorced and still roamong the same hills we've always known. We tried to form a band several times, with several guitarists. Finally in early 2010, i convinced an old friend i had met many years earlier to come play with us. Chad Gillihan. We worked tirelessly over the next year and a half, mostly on stuff he had previously written. For whatever reason it didn't work. Without any anomosity we decided to carry on the plight of the Kynch Folke and seek out a new guitarist/singer. In January of 2012 I met William McKamey through a mutual friend on Facebook. Within 3 hours we were jamming for the first time. There was an instant connection and we grooved for hours. We started simple by playing songs from bands we all love, and more importantly, already knew. Then we started playing a few originals Will had written, mixed with those crafted by Rod and myself. Our girlfriends and Rod's kid being our only audience. A month in we decided to try it out in front of a selection of our friends and family. With a few claps and alot of empty beers we were ready to go.


Untitled Debut - Due out summer 2013