"Jam Band" favorite based out of sunny Orlando, Florida. Kynda specializes in buzz and dance enducing Groove-delic Funk Rock.


Bred from weekly, "cover heavy" pub gigs in Orlando, FL. Paying gigs, with no cover charge.
The pub gigs grew in attendance and a scene was created. The covers bled in to non stop debuts of original material. The pub gigs turned into club gigs all over the southeast, and the slow infection of the dance and buzz enducing groovy, psychedelic, funky, jam laced rock of Kynda was leaked.

With wide ranging influence from Mozart to Zappa to Phish to Pastorius to Rush to most things in between, Kynda's live sets contain all the variances of tempo and style, as the large list of influences.
Kynda has taken all the things the band loves about live music and has expanded on those great ideas. Being a live, "moment" creating project, the same set list has never been played twice. With over one hundred songs in the rotating repetoire, and new original material being constantly debuted, the crowd is kept on their toes with never knowing what to expect.



Written By: Peter Orenstein

I awoke to find, the moon had come again.
Crept along the ground in search of tasty treats.
Rolled up the paper blanket and sucked the air.
My head exploded, but I didn't care.

Inside my self I'm bakin' rather nicely.
Outside my self I'm shinin' rather brightly.

I woke up to find the sun was blastin' in.
Crawled down deeper to keep out the mornin' light.
Sucked up the white mist and coughed the musty air.
Suddenly I jumped and my soul was there.

Inside my self I'm bakin' rather nicely.
Outside my self I'm shinin' rather brightly.

Breathing deep I drift
Seeing the further road ahead.
Seething to leave it all,
Mediocrity in my head.

I'm bakin' rather nicely.


Written By: Tony Hume

Well I think I'll fly solo maybe take it real slow I don't care what the people behind me say wanna rock off beat maybe land on my own feet I don't care if takes all day

I know you, I know me and I know where we'd like to be

Sorta started on the wrong foot shoulda known to stay put Ynot still instigates away I wanna be a bad boy watching the snow getting down with some fun-joy and I don't care if it takes all day

We're a band of rough corners sorta tried to warns ya's but you kept coming back anyway we just tried to stay chill just tried to get our fill and here we are still hanging out today

Big Blue

Written By: Tony Hume

Novacaine hurricane
acres swirling in my brain lately things don't seem the same
setting down the eye

engaged auto fly
playing through the morning light
night turns into day
we just like to play

we like to kick it up too
and when I say "up" I mean play through
tomorrow is today


Play Through (2003)
Radio play on Z93 FM - Atlanta (The Dunhams)
WFIT - Melbourne, FL, WDBO - Orlando

Set List

A traveling "live" band, Kynda focuses most all attention to the live show. From the painted wooden cut outs, backdrops, and stage decor of scene favorite artist, Scramble Campbell, to the multiple styles of music covered in a live set, Kynda pulls from all muses.

There is a current, and ever changing repetoire list of over one hundred songs. The same set list has never been repeated. A typical night is two hour and a half sets, with a crowd requested encore. Depending on how late a venue is open, three hour + sets are quite fun!

Kynda is one of the few bands in the country to continually cover songs from jam band kings "Phish" and that attraction from "phans" have helped the band enormously with out of town shows.

There are 40+ original songs in the band's repetoire. Most live Kynda shows have a 70% ratio of original to covers. With set lists never being duplicated, Kynda plays to the energy of the crowd and what feels right in that moment. With a crowded house, the ba