The Kynd

The Kynd

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Kynd provides listeners with an audio experience tapping into the grooves of life and beats of speakers.


The rise of The Kynd began during late night underground sessions at Illinois State University, utilizing guitars and looped Reason ReDrum beats. A laser light beam was soon added; creating The Kynd.

Later, when the band came back to Chicago, Morning Commute was formed, hitting the road and playing acoustic shows from 2007 to present. Morning Commute is a live acoustic adventure featuring Jake Michalow on Guitar and Matthew Kynd on Synth|Guitar|Vocals.

The Kynd was then again morphed into a beat frenzy during 2009 with the discovery of Ableton Live, featuring collaborations from Chris Gold on Keys|Synth|Guitar, Scott Plesha of AAXXIISS on Guitar|Synth|Vocals, and Kenny Z of Rhythm & Dub on Vocals.

The Kynd will provide your venue with three hours of live music, utilizing their own sound system and laser light show.

Booking Agent:
Press Contact: Kenny Z (708) 297-0747

Previous venues include:

-The Blarney Stone
-Snug Harbor
-J. Patrick’s Pub
-Coaches Corner
-The Charley Horse
-Brazenhead Pub
-Table 13
-Pete Mitchell's
-Kendall Pub
-Papa T’s
-Braden Auditorium
-Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant


-Electric Eclectic (2005)
-Acidic Bass (2007)
-For the Chillin' (2008)
-Lake Shore Drive (2009)
-Rhythm & Dub EP (2011)
-"Soul Shakedown" (2012)