Kyndl Destroyer

Kyndl Destroyer


Refraining from the typical intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro that plagues music today, songs are thoughtful and generally easy on the ears.


Kyndl Destroyer started off as Kyndl Brunson once upon a time. After tinkering with guitars and open mics throughout college, Kyndl left the safe haven of Oklahoma for the edgier existence of Brooklyn and the chance to tour with then locals, Say Hi. Upon finishing her time with Say Hi, she played solo and with various acts around the city trying to find her niche. In 2006, she joined Kind Of Like Spitting's Ben Barnett for the last leg of his farewell tour on the east coast. Then, as a part of Bella Watt (the band who nicknamed her Destroyer), she released a record and played around NYC. Now, back to Arkansas where she spent much of her youth, Kyndl Destroyer has returned to her roots to focus more on her music with a new record in the works.


Little Time Bomb EP, Linley Sessions EP, Live From Lawrence 2005

Set List

Generally between 8-10 songs, running between 30-45 minutes depending on the atmosphere.