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the Mezame

Written By: KyonoMiya as Kyoko Miyauchi

the Mezame ザ めざめ

V1ーかもめのジョナサン ある日突然   何かに目覚めて 飛んで飛んで ワオ
  花よりだんごだんご だんごより飛んで飛んで いつの間にかには パズルが解けてホイ
Ch- やっとこやっとこ かめさん 毎日毎日歩いて ぐうぐう寝ていたウサギさん 慌てふためいた ハー

V2-浦島太郎は 時を忘れて 飲んで歌って すっかり楽しんで
  もらった玉手箱 開けたとたんに モクモク煙で おたおたしてもうた

V3-桃栗3年 柿は8年 ゆずのバカでさえ 18年経てば実が成る
  何かを探そう 自分の好きな事 先輩見つけて 教えてもらおう

V1-Jonathan the seagull living stone had an awareness of flying, he flew and flew to find a better way of flying
like the girl who loves dango (Japanese sweet) more than leaning flower arrangements, but Jonathan loved flying more than food, and one day he could sought puzzles out
Ch- It's like the Rabbit in the race with the tortoise.... , She had a nap because she thought she was ahead, but was in a rush when she woke up because the tortoise beat her

V2-Taro Urashima (a man from a Japanese story) was having a great time under the ocean, he kept partying without considering the time passing. he opened the gift box which he was forbidden to open, he was confused when smoke came out of the box and he instantly aged 100 years

V3- It will take 3 years to get fruit from a peach or a chestnut tree, it takes 8 years from a persimmon tree and even a citron tree will have fruit after 18 years (its a famous wives tale) . So let's find out things you really love to do, meet someone better than you and learn from them.