Calgary, Alberta, CAN

"Mathy post this and post that, hooks and flow and a sprinkle of weirdness. Music for the people."


Formed in the fall of 2012, the members of Kyote were forged together to create a new musical experience, combining genres from across the musical spectrum. Kyote became a mix of post this and post that, with melodic roots and a dissonant edge, etching themselves into the fabric of the Calgary music scene. Playing their first show in the first hour of 2012, Kyote became the dynamic live performance that it is today, playing in multiples cities and festivals.

Releasing two EPs in 2013, Kyote is looking to the future as a 3rd record is in the works. With tour plans for the Summer of 2014, Kyote is set to expand across the country.


Space Ships EP

Time Machine EP