Kyra Auslander

Kyra Auslander

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Stories and music. We're all just trying to figure out this thing called living, if possible having fun and making a difference while we do it. Songs are magical in that they share experience and yet are shared experiences in themselves. What better way to enjoy ourselves and each other.


Hearing and telling stories is one of life's greatest pleasures (and, I'm convinced, purposes). Getting to sing them? Whoa, baby, the icing on the cake of all that matters.
Influences? Rodgers and Hart, Cole Porter, Franz Schubert, Christine Lavin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Nanci Griffith, Hugh Blumenfeld, Pete Morton, Jim Croce, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Curry/Del Amitri, Dar Williams, Katy Moffat, Lerner and Loewe, on and on ...

some songs and their writers and singers have helped me live and understand myself and the world a bit better.


Last Love Song

Written By: Kyra Auslander

You said you loved me
But you let go so easily
I guess you’re lucky
It isn’t easy for me
Watching you walk away
Time after time
You’d think I’d learn how to let you go

You don’t want to talk to me
But I really need advice from you
How did you get over me?
How do I get over you?
I’ve watched you walk away
So many times
I should know by now how to let you go

But I can safely say
This is not the last love song
I’ll ever write
For you

Maybe if we had talked about it
If I knew what was in your heart
It wouldn’t haunt me
This pain and mystery

You really threw me
When you said that we were through
I wasn’t ready
I was still in love with you
Still I never dreamed
After all this time
I’d have to learn how to let you go

But I can safely say
This is not the last love song
I’ll ever write
For you

A Good Man

Written By: Kyra Auslander

Daddy was a miner
At least that’s what they told me
Mama was a beauty
They say, I don’t remember
Me, I never knew him
And I can’t recall at all
My mother’s arms,
The way they must have held me
When I was very small

We sailed across an ocean
She left me with her sister
To raise outside the coal mines
In Central Pennsylvania
But the man that I called uncle
He liked to make me crawl
So I got out as quickly as I could
He made me feel so small

Found my way to West Virginia
Then up North with the railroad
Met some friends and a woman
She had no husband, just a son
We raised two lovely daughters
And I tried to be a father
To her boy, but he took off like I had
It made me feel so small

I’ve tried to be a good man
Hard work, faith and honesty
I’ve used these hands to build things
Nothing has come easily
But I know I’ve been lucky
And when God comes to call
I will hold my head up high and say
I’m thankful for it all