Kyra Simone

Kyra Simone


Soothing, sensual and sophisticated Nu-soul Vibrations. Experience a rainbow spectrum of colors to brighten up any grey day. Touching the essence of life, love and spirituality, embrace the warm welcoming sounds. Enter the world of Kyra Simone


Kyra Simone was born in the UK having a Caribbean background of St Lucian and Grenadian parentage. A wonderful mixture of the islands, musical ties and cultural influences has shaped how Kyra Simone thinks, feels, sounds and looks.

Coming from a musical family where her father played keys and sang and her mother sung lead in a reggae steel band. Her musical tastes growing up were from Soca, calypso, reggae and pop music. Her greatest influence at the time being her mother and her idols were Prince and Madonna.

Kyra got her first recording done at the tender age of six, where she sung lead with her mother, Selma, and her brother, Karlos singing backing vocals. Wow when I listen to that I can�t believe I was singing that high, it's crazy, I was so young I barely remember it but I have the tape to prove it. Kyra recalls.

After a few years of singing with bands, recording, doing live performances with her mother and joining a girl group, Kyra made a decision to take up singing full-time and that's when she found out she was pregnant. 'It was the best thing that ever happened to me I was so happy and really excited but I had to leave the girl band as I wanted to concentrate on my baby.'

Once her son Levaan was born Kyra moved back to London and went to Lewisham College, which is where she studied performing arts and music. Whilst there she worked with Peer Publishing, BBC Worldwide and Mercury records, had an article written up about her in the Lewisham College magazine and participated in live performances and showcases. Kyra continued working with various artists, and producers, such as Supafly who had a hit 'Let's get down' (Island Records) and Maria Lawson (Sony BMG Artist).

In the midst off all the happenings Kyra was spotted by TBRL Music Label manager, Ainslee Connage, who saw a gifting in her that he felt, would blossom into a great singer/songwriter and that's when Kyra was offered her record deal with TBRL Music and started writing her own songs for TBRL Publishing.

Now due to launch her solo debut EP 'Soul Searching' which is written, arranged and produced by herself alongside, AD productions, Suspence and Soul Persona.

The 'Soul Searching' EP is a selection of fresh, chilled and fruity soulful cuts exploring the answers to questions about love, friendship, respect and following your heart. Set for global digital release and a limited edition physical CD in the 4th quarter of 2006.

Talking about her up and coming project Kyra stated: 'This EP provides my insights to questions that are common to all of us, some may agree and some may disagree with what I have to say, but it's my opinion and I have the right to express it. I think that's an important message to get across, be happy with who you are and love yourself, respect others who respect you and have some self-respect, aspire to achieve your passion in life and make this world a better place to live in, community spirit and focussed human beings can make a big difference to the society we live in and it starts with the small things this is what my music is about and ultimately leads you to the creator where your life is richly blessed and peace is abundant'.


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