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Kytami @ Red Room Lounge

Spokane, Washington, United States

Spokane, Washington, United States

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The best kept secret in music


"Best of Vancouver 2006"

Best of Vancouver 2006
by Kristen Cudmore | December 2006
It’s that time of year again when people tally up their votes and choose the best albums, acts or songs of 2006. I am about to take a different spin on this, because I have seen some amazing acts in the last little while that have become my favorites. Out of all that I have heard this year, my tops all happen to be in Vancouver, so I will take this opportunity to honor these artists that may be emerging but are absolutely phenomenal in my books.
1) Kytami- Ask Kytami what she plays and she’ll say ‘electric violin’ because even though she’s classically trained, everything she does has a beautiful effect to send the sounds sailing into an abyss of cultural beats. Think Thievery Corporation except she’s not stealing anything, she can make her violin sound like a bass, like percussion, and also she can fiddle through any track. It’s passionate, indefinable and sends you blood flowing through your veins in a completely different energy. Such rich combinations, it’s so to date but almost timeless, Kytami is in high demand in Vancouver and it’s obvious why. - Left Hip Magazine (

"Kytami and the Phonograff move hearts and bodies"

Kytami and the Phonograff move hearts and bodies

Nate-One, Shoe, Smoke Dog set the stage and headliners deliver

By Mike Simmons


When Kytami’s parents put a violin into their child’s hands at the age of three, they must have had visions.

Perhaps they saw her attending recitals or simply growing rich in character through the experience. If those visions had been a little bit more true to life, they would have gone something like this:

The first weekend of reading break has arrived. The campus is graveyard quiet except for the crowd of hip-hop stalwarts barely filling half of the Independent Centre. Their numbers are measly, but numbers are in no way an accurate measure of determination. Especially when there is an inflatable raft full of beer involved.

Kamloops MCs Nate-One and Shoe open the festivities. Soon the laid-back beats are pounding. Tastes of dry ice and second-hand dope wrestle for control of the hazy air. The concrete room begins to assume the atmosphere of a giant low rider with 160 passengers.

A man calling himself Smoke Dog slouches to the microphone, beer in hand.

Imagine a floppy black hat with oversized sunglasses and teeth. Somehow the hat grew a body. The hat asks for a “Hell yeah.” The audience gives it. The crowd is deemed sufficiently juiced.

A thin slip of a girl stalks the stage, barely the height of a speaker in her black lacy top, plaid skirt and high-heeled boots. But it doesn’t matter.

The girl’s got presence, and a black violin. She begins to play, and it’s got all the things that violin music has, sweetness and savour and bite, but wait, there’s something more. Kytami came with backup, and even while she coaxes her instrument mournfully to life, there is something behind her.

The curly black mop of DJ Phonograff lurks behind the turntables and the glow of a laptop. His body barely moves and neither should it, for its only purpose is to provide a stable platform for a pair of hands that are moving, scratching, adjusting and fading, fixing sonic chemicals like a laboratory assistant.

The results are potent and immediate; bass builds, the drums are coming hard, and Something Enormous is surging behind Kytami’s violin like an ominous weather system, a charging octopus of sound.

This beat is going places in a hurry, and it is taking people with it. Phonograff locks eyes with the violinist. She is sawing away, a small smile playing across her lips.

Phonograff ups the tempo, scratching in time. She keeps up. His lip curls. A laser beam of challenge plays between the two, and fingers fly.

Kytami’s feet are planted, as though drawing strength up from the earth, her tiny body swaying as she plays. The folding table holding the DJ’s turntables and computer is shaking from exerted force.

They push to the crest and stop at the same moment. The crowd goes nuts. They should. The rubber raft that once was brimming with cans of beer now holds only ice. The server’s fingers are raw from cracking beer after beer. A short bandito dances in the crowd.

Kytami and Phonograff let loose. The mist swirls, the lights flash, and the beats roll on into the night.

Kytami’s parents may never have anticipated this in their visions for their child. But their smoking hot daughter and a phenomenal DJ helped a lot of people forget themselves and dance their asses off the other night.

And that is a beautiful thing.

- The Omega-TRU's Independent Student Newspaper


"Conflation" Album Independently Released 2002
"Collision" Track Released on Knowledge Magazine Circa Compilation 2002
"GRYMG" Track Released on Media Creature Christmas Eclectic Compilation 2003
"Manufactured" Track Released on Sweatshop Union Album "Local 604" via Battle Axe Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Kytami started taking violin lessons at 3 years of age. She went through an intense classical training at the Vancouver Academy of Music including orchestra, chamber groups, theory, private lessons, technique and master classes. At 17 years of age, feeling a little rebellious, she decided to take a big step back from studying and the classical scene. Falling in love with snowboarding and later on mountain biking, she put the violin aside to go live and exlplore the mountains around Whistler B.C.

Almost 6 years later at the urging of some friends, she picked up the violin to start jamming with some local guitar players. She amplified her sound for the first time with a 40 dollar oyster pick-up, borrowed a Fender amp and became part of a band. Kytami was able to bring her skills and love for performing back to life when she earned a residency at the local Irish pub in Whistler. With her friend Leanne L'amour on guitar, and two new solid-body electric violins, the duo rocked crowds into drunken frenzies with fast fiddle music four to five nights a week.

It was a pretty good life, riding powder during the day and playing to extremely receptive (drunk) audiences at night. However, Kytami had a yearning to record and produce music more in-line with her interests. She wanted to combine the sound of her violin with punk, reggae, hip hop, jungle and drum n bass. She wanted to change the context of which people expect to find violin music and players.

So in the spring of 2002, Kytami came down from the moutains to the city of Vancouver and released her debut album, "Conflation". The album being a mish-mash of tracks recorded with different producers in different studios, the one cohesive element being Kytami's electric violin driven by electronic beats.

Since the release of the album, Kytami has quickly become in demand as a performer and session player. In addition to her solo act, she keeps busy by playing with the live hip-hop/dancehall/drum n bass group Third Eye Tribe, epic punk/metal/rock band Lownote, turntables vs. violin duo Dream Sequence as well as acoustic folk-punk duo Blackie and Kytami.

Kytami has toured B.C. into Washington and California and has performed at events such as: Shambhala (2004-2006), Scumbala (2006), The Vancouver Folk Fest (2005-2006), The Commercial Drive Car-Free Festival (2005-2006), The Dragonboat Festival (2006), The Vancouver Celtic Festival (2006), Fashion Rocks! (2005), The Seattle and Vancouver Hemp Fests (2003), Edge Of the World Music Festival (2005), In the House Festival (2005-2006), The Komasket Festival (2006), The New Forms Festival (2006) and Slam City Jam (2003). She has also recorded with numerous artists spanning different genres, including: The Swollen Members, Diplo, Platonic, Sweatshop Union, Take 5, Green Tara, Mat the Alien, DJ Moves, Third Eye Tribe, Steven Mek, Goatsblood, The Rasta Boyz, Ani Kyd, Marlin and The Phonograff.