If you like British Rock music then you will love kz! a blend of acoustic alternative with a spacey electronic edge at times. The tracks are catchy yet different then what you may hear on the radio today.


KZ sets himself apart from other bands today a refreshing change from the music on the radio today. There are obvious influences to the music but you can't quite place your finger on the familiarity. Its a blend of acoustic rock music with an edge of electonic, space, shoegaze sound. Not really sure sometimes of what you get when one person plays all the instruments KZ creates a unique blend of sound along with a masterful song arrangement ability.

KZ was a percussionist and majored in percussion for breif period at the university before dropping out to pursue other opportunities. After attending an electronic music festival in Chicago in 2002 KZ returned charged to begin DJing. After spinning house and electronic music for the next 3 years KZ performed his last show at the end of 2005. It was in the early months of 2007 that the album began to take shape. Years of collecting knowledge on music, learning how to play various instruments, accumulating music gear and recording equipment spawned the song "Tokyo". Done mostly as a hobby KZ began recording a few other songs. He took them out shared them with his family and friends. Much to his surprise he received great feedback. In Novemeber of 2007 an EP was released onto SNOCAP. In January of 2008 the EP was released on Itunes. KZ has begun work in the studio on a full length album of all new originals.


The kz ep
6 tracks
released 11/07
kz international productions

Set List

Asian Girl
Going on a Journey
Color Orange
Fly Away East
Except for you
Anywhere Everywhere
Forbidden City