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Everything you want to hear from an artist i'm giving you new sound that is the best! i always go hard at my shows leaving everything on stage. Very serious about my craft my music speaks for me! strongly belive in going hard or going home


Meet Mr. Gray also so knwon as Syxx L.E.M a native of Cleveland, Oh who began his music career at age 14. When he got his frist beat machine, a zoom rhythm track drum machine he knew then in time he would be great. Great because syxx battle to earn enough money to purchase a piece of his dream. As time and technology advanced, he moved to the computer and started to use the F.L Studios production software. Growing up with music all around him, it was only right that Syxx play the key boards and drums in the studio as well as church!
Syxx has produced and recorded for various artists in the greater Cleveland area, such as the Nova the rebel,D.O.C Show stoppers and Big Cleve and many more up-and-coming artists.
This only fed his hunger and drive for music even more. Syxx also was a member of Soul Suhvivahz and G.M.B before going solo. As he says, They were the stepping stones that built my character and made me who I am today!

Since then syxx has released several mix tapes starting back in 2009 with Rap is my Trap, in which he broke into the Cleveland underground music scene. Shortly following, syxx drop Betty white hot in Cleveland which quickly grab the attention of a lot of promoters in Ohio. Syxx who currently goes by Syxx L.E.M is working on the L.E.M project an multiple mixtape project which is to believed highly anticipated among his fans due to the recognition an success of L.E.M I and L.E.M II with these projects many have said syxx has became an standout among his peers, Today syxx continues to further his greatness in hip hop by sharing his talents through many showcase and festivals around the mid-west . Syxx also has become one of the best undefeated battle rapper known in his city. This comes at no surprise for electrifying and explosive lyrical artist who battle skills date back to junior high school and in high school when he battled the upperclassmen for lunch money.

Today Syxx has contribute to over 100+ features with various artist around the united states within the last year along. This work ethic comes easy due to his passion and love for his craft. Syxx continues to seek out opportunities to help further his career and he will give 100% to every venture.


All In The Mix Tape 2016

Rap Is My Trap released 2009
Betty White Hot In Cleveland released 2010
L.E.M I released 2011
L.E.M II released 2012
Coming Soon L.E.M III 2013

Hit singles! Go hard or Go home
Rick James -currently being stream on internet radio zam!
New SiSingle-Selling Dreams- L.E.M.III

Listen hear soundcloud.com/syxx
Opened up for Many Artist Such As:
Gorilla zoe
Young Buck
Wu Tang

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