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Chicago, IL | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Chicago, IL
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Neo Soul


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"L11 - AK's and Lingerie"

INTRODUCING ELLEVEN (L11), a Minnesota native, currently living in Chicago, and Queen of her own unique style. She recently released the track ‘AKs and Lingerie’, which will be the headliner of her upcoming, self-titled LP. The forthcoming project, set to drop in spring 2015, is a collective of tracks based on L11’s personal experiences, emotions, and visions for her future.

Produced by Jevonechy and written by Elleven herself, ‘AKs and Lingerie’ follows a mellow 81 bpm while she describes ‘all the pretty girl tricks’ she learned on the topic of being ‘a lady’. Elleven considers her songwriting to be the paintbrush by which she paints the artwork that is her voice.

L11’s strong vocals hold a poised, feminine swing and, much like the tone of ‘AKs and Lingerie’, they’re blended with the no-bullshhh stance that is prominent in her lyrics.

“Mama said ‘be more of a lady’. So, I wear my lingerie, but I keep my AK strapped to my waist. So, don’t get it twisted. ‘Cause if you f*ck with me, I can guarantee that I will blow your brains out...”

Although L11 is growing as an artist and covering grounds as she goes, she explains how she used to constantly get broken. She shares the story behind what inspired ‘AKs and Lingerie’. Fortunately, she put her middle finger up, took the criticism, and grew. Pushing through, L11 improved her writing, after which she sculpted ‘AKs’. The track is the representation of her standing up for her dream and falling back in love with her individuality.

That individuality is, for sure, showcased in the outro of ‘AKs and Lingerie’, where she sings acapella with certainty.

“I don’t want to sound like your average radio artist, or even your favorite artist. Period. I want to sound like myself, find that rhythm and groove that makes me tick, so that I can provide that confidence for others with a unique tonality. We are a gift… So, wear ya pretty pink lingerie, sip ya wine, but let them know ‘don't come for mine’”.

– Elleven - Miriam Tesfazion

"L11 - Headliner show at the Abbey Pub"

On May 7th, a new artist by the name of L11 headlined the Abby Pub and shared the stage with many other promising Chicago artist.

L11 is a new artist in Chicago, but being a new comer didn't stop her from throwing a mini concert at the Abby. Aarun Simon, ME!, Just Chris, Ace da Vinci and Dj Royal all shared the stage and gave heavy set performances. With more than half of the perfomers having Smartmouf affiliations, the showcase had a very family feel, and a very smokey smell.

The Showcase was a celebration of L11 first EP which features eight unique tracks. The show had a mix of talented artist rocking the stage, and the DJ having fun between sets, how many shows have you been to where they randomly stop to do the Cha Cha Slide? In any case we can all expect great things from L11 in the near future. Check out her New EP! - Jon Veal


The soulful songstress, L11, came to Chicago with a dream and a drive to change her life and evolve her music. Originally hailing from Minnesota, she has seen success solo and as a part of the Smartmouf Collective spearheaded by Ace Da Vinci. She released her first self-titled EP this past summer, and fronts the Culturati Blog who we teamed up with to throw a fall music showcase, “Changing Seasons,” at HQ in Wicker Park Friday.
Check out our mini Q&A with L11 about how the changing seasons inspires her, how she has grown since her move to Chicago, and make sure you come to the show to hear her live!
amfm: What about the changing seasons inspires you creatively and motivates you?
L11: This summer has been an interesting one for me. I faced many things that tested my strength and brought me to the light that I carry now. It was my first official summer as a Chicago resident. My family is back in Minnesota, so I’m learning how to maneuver and succeed here on my own. Sometimes that’s not easy. Changing seasons is about taking all those occurrences and reflecting on them. It’s important to do that as we grow into the next season to come. Growth is infinite and that’s something that I want everyone to walk out of the show knowing.
amfm: How have you seen yourself evolve over time into the musician you are today and what has been your biggest takeaway?
L11: My thought process itself is way different than when I first went public with my music. I was so self conscious about my music and my voice because it’s so different that it doesn’t fit with your average artist. What I now love about my path is that I’ve figured out the messages I want to share in my music. I now know that being raw and genuine is the best form of art you can have within yourself. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from my journey thus far is maintaining your faith. Like i said, I came here by myself with no resume of music on me, and I ended up finding myself surrounded with the most beautiful people God could bring me to while on this journey - Shoutout to Smartmouf! I push myself even more now because my biggest inspirations are sitting right next to me at Dimo’s Pizza. With that, I don’t see myself settling. I’m way too excited about what’s to come
amfm: Why are you called L11?
L11: The name L11 comes from my grandfather. He was one of the biggest inspirations in my life when it came to music. He had such an interesting collection of music I grew up to. I remembering being in the basement and watching him and my grandmother dance to Chaka Khan. Their love for what they heard and how it made them feel free gave me the confirmation that this is what I need to be giving to the world. My grandfather passed away to lung cancer when I was 13. I knew that I needed to go forth with this dream we always talked about together, and to bring him along with me. I now go by L11.
For more from L11:
http://www.l11music.com - Ciera


Still working on that hot first release.



L11 is a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. Moving to Chicago in 2013, L11 has emerged herself in the Chicago music scene by collaborating with Columbia College as a music management major, The Remix Project, AEMMP Records, and the Smartmouf Entertainment collective. 

The sounds created by L11 come from a soulful, old school hip hop background with a hint of jazz. The singer writes all her songs in the form of storytelling, each track is relatable for her crowd. With the success of her first project self titled "L11," she has performed at concerts, and headlined at venues such as HQ, Abbey Pub, and Iridium Clothing Store.  While creating music in Chicago, L11 has also opened doors to connect with artists around the city by creating the Culturati Blog. The blog has hosted showcases around the city that bring different artists together for one cause, the love of music. 

Now, L11 is working on her second project titled "Nefertiti," which means "the beautiful one has come." The melodic soulful messages offered on the project are all written by L11. Production credits go to Ace da Vinci, a Chicago hip hop artist that also established the Smart Mouf Collective. Benjamin, also know as Packdaloud of Smart Mouf, Hooligan, and Q played a big role in capturing the true essence of the singers vision. This project is said to be very special for L11, "Not only have I reflected on myself enough to share it with the world, but I think my reflections on this EP can help more people who are in the midst of self prosperity."

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