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4 track Ep "Infinite Finale"
featuring guest appearances by Kevin Ridel (AM Radio, Ridel High) and Matt Harris (The Posies, Oranger). Recorded by Brad Cook (Foo Fighters, Counting Crows, Tool, Urufurus, Hamasaki Ayumi)



L2D was originally formed as "Living to Die", a dark undertaking by brothers Andrew and David Hiestand. As they grew older and matured, their music and lyrics grew and matured. With the addition of Poel they took a big step forward, evolving into the sensitive and mature "Love Twice Despaired" (the final incarnation of L2D). However, the band was not yet complete. With the addition of Shahnit, the band became a living entity.

The entire group shares a love of the Japanese Rock, which they incorporate into their music. The entire group is very musically and academically educated, and all appreciate the best points of music such as strong melodies, musicianship, dynamics.

David's lyrics are about universal themes such as heartbreak, loneliness, passion and others, but from the mind of a cynical romantic, who's heart and mind ride the borderline of breakage. Led by David's versatile mixture of crooning and hot energetic textures, the whole band plays with passion and a flare for showmanship. Andrew's melodic and heartflet solo's drive L2D's songs home, while Poel adds many complex layers and melodies. Shanit's percusive style provide the groove to move your heart and body.

The band's goal is to bring to show the world the value of strong melody and songwriting. Their song's range from melancholic ballads such as "Say Yes" and upbeat energetic rockers like "Complete", to dark and yearning songs exemplified in "Evangeline". However, they always sound like L2D. Their EP "Infinite Finale" was recorded by Brad Cook (Foo Fighters- "Colour and Shape", Counting Crow- "Calling all Satellites") and features guests Kevin Ridel (Am Radio, Ridel High) and Matt Harris (The Posies, Oranger).