The Hague, South Holland, NLD
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Simple, funny and straight to the point! very funky and dynamic band to watch!


As a band, L4 has been together since 2008, and performed live for the very first time in March 2008. Although they listen to all kinds of music they make Hip Hop. They perform with a live band, so it isn’t the typical “Boom Bap Rap” that one might be used to hearing nowadays. It is fresh, because they have the tendency to cross over to jazz, funk, soul, and even reggae. You really need to see them live to get the full picture.
There are no limits to L4’s sound, but it’s all Hip Hop. They have been actively making music for a little less then 10 years now. However you could find them freestyling with friends here and there during open mic sessions before it became a fulltime business.
In February 2010, L4 signed a Record Deal with T2 Entertainment, and a month later, they released their debut album “Counting Coins”, which is internationally available on iTunes and in music stores in the Netherlands. The album did very well, entering the TOP 100 Dutch Album Charts at number 52 and taking the number 1 spot on the Dutch Alternative Charts. Their first single “Sleep Walking” was picked up by a mainstream national music channel, TMF.
L4 has been described as the United Nations of Hip Hop. In other words, they all come from different corners of the world. That gives their music diversity as everyone has a different musical background. No matter the age, when you see L4 live on stage you will always remember the experience. Every show is unique and tailor made for the occasion or venue. This is why an L4 show is considered an experience of sight and sound. On their list of major performances you can find Parkpop 2008 and 2009 (the largest free European Festival attracting approximately 600,000 people), Dunya Festival, Konniginennach (Queen’s Night), Paard van Troje, Nachtegiel (NED3), 3FM, Radio 538 to only name a few.
As L4 prepares for take off, their aim is to fly high. L4 has what it takes and this is the time to push harder than ever before. L4 would be happy to travel the world and let their music be heard. As global citizens, their music is all done in English; therefore it shouldn’t know any borders. L4 has just returned from their first international tour in the United States, performing in various venues in Washington DC and New York. They also performed in Bratislava (Slovakia) during festival Fjúžn ( Week of new minorities )


Albums : Counting Coins released 2009
EP: Get Close released 2010
Singles : 21 gun Salute, Try me, yes she can
Videos : Sleep Walking, Tranquility, Ice cream, Follow Through, Back 2 You

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