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La Puzzydoll

Santiago, Santiago, Chile | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Santiago, Santiago, Chile | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Rockabilly




"LIVE REVIEW | LA PUZZYDOLL: Four years of rock and roll"

[English Translation ]

A growing career that reaches four years in the ring, is what La Puzzydoll held on Friday July 24 at Bar Grez. Four years of growth with a large live training, which has helped to mature their work in a very short time, becoming creditors of many accolades at national and international level, within the movement reborn rockabilly. During the 2015 the group led by guitarist and voice PJ Rojahelis were the first Chilean musicians of the genre to be invited to Rockalavera Rockabilly Weekend Festival last May, and earlier, on April 5, presented at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, rockabilly festival world's largest, held in casino capital in the United States.
The celebration brought together a lot of people, much of which, enthusiastically adopted this revival of the youth subculture originated in the 50s, reflecting on their hairstyles or clothing, and enjoying these sounds that represented all a rebellious generation in the post-war US and multiplied throughout the world, being essential in the further development of rock.
Cherry Sue and Spirits, the band was responsible for opening the evening. About a year ago who they managed to consolidate its current training to break into the national rock & roll circuit. The band is working on recording her first album, and has a catalog of original songs and covers of classic, which served to turn the verge Friday night performance of the hosts. The group whose ranks tops the charismatic Sue's voice, accompanied by Bastian on bass; Diego Alejandro and Alexis on guitar and drums, demonstrated in their own songs like "Dozen of Roses", "Give it up to me" or "" Get Away From Me "(first single from the upcoming album debut), the consistency of its ambitions as musicians, concerned also to develop a careful staging, with ad-hoc outfits. At first the nerves played against them, causing some lack of coordination that knew cope during the show, to finish in a good way, and using the applause of those present.
After the corresponding intermediate, the birthday take the stage to squander energy that characterizes his proposal. The band takes advantage of the talents of each of its musicians to deliver a great show level, and supporting this important recognition path. P.J. Rojahelis the microphone with his red Gretsch Setzer, attacks with "Baila para mi" as a starting point for a complete tour of these four years of reinvention of a genre that marked an era, and now seems to be more alive than ever. We must not confuse the music of La Puzzydoll with a look of nostalgia, in contrast, achieved national renovate style with a personal and contemporary stamp. The versatility of who own makes them able to face without any problem contagious rhythms of songs likCassettera", "Acción" or "Rockin' Fiesta" to slower and suitable to enjoy a romantic evening as "Relegado" or "Cruel".
A flawless talent to recreate classics like "Great Balls of Fire" made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis in 1957; "This Cat i are hot tin roof" Brian Setzer; "Rumble in Brighton" Stray Cats; the essential "Johnny B. Goode" the father of rock and roll Chuck Berry or evergreen "Since I Do not Have You" which immortalized The Skyliners in 1958. Another of the great successes of La Puzzydoll is to change according to gender propagating, "Hormigas Planas" National classic band "Los Tetas" , closer to funk and hip hop, but in some way or another are part of the musical spectrum by these musicians have been developed.
A round show where each of the band members plays an important leadership role, since the weight of the bass and rhythm remarkably executed by Alonso Duran; impeccable and accurate battery of Arturo Salinas; The sensitivity and intense piano harmonies Felipe Rojas; but the outstanding performance of Martin Poblete, guest harmonica instrument at the beginning of the band was the responsibility of Gonzalo Araya, who now lives in Brazil, and is recognized as one of the best harmonica players in Latin America.
Bar Grez was a space that has hosted La Puzzydoll over the years, so the band felt almost like real homeowners at this event. The extensive background live is noted in a show smoothly. A set of more than twenty songs that made traveling these primal sounds of rock, a genre that captivates with its rhythmic, lyrical nearby, captivating aesthetics and an honest and professional attitude of these musicians who still have much more to deliver us. They are only four years, we expect that the achievements have been added, are the incentive to go on delighting with this music that started more than five decades ago, but has managed to transcend and conquer new generations.
By Freddy Veliz. - iRock Webzine

"La Puzzydoll confirmed in the line up of "Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 2015""

The national group has been invited to version # 18, "Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend" the world's largest Rockabilly festival, which will take place between 2 and 5 April 2015 in the "Orleans Hotel & Casino "in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.
La Puzzydoll has the honor of being the first Chilean band to participate in this festival, the legendary stage treading previously harbored a bearing names such as Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Imelda May, and JD. McPhersson among others, and the version 2015 will have "La Puzzydoll" playing at the "Bienville Stage" on Sunday April 5 at 3pm.
The line up of version # 18 2015 has already confirmed in addition to "La Puzzydoll" the bands "Dion", "The Sonics", "Kitty Daisy & Lewis", "Herb Cox," "The Cleftones", "Maryland pierce" "The five keys", "Eugene Pitt", "The jive five", "Bobby Lewis," and the stars of Rockabilly "Joe Clay" and "Huelyn Duvall," waiting to continue adding names to the sign "Viva Las Vegas # 18 ". - iRock Webzine

"La Puzzydoll live at the most important Rockabilly festival in Latin America "Rockalavera Rockabilly Weekend" in Mexico City"

After the successful participation in the largest and most important festival of its kind worldwide, "Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend" last April 5 in the city of Las Vegas, US, the group says "we are filled with pride as band be part of the lineup at the most important festival of Latin American Rockabilly to level "Rockalavera Rockabilly Weekend" to be held in Mexico DF between 15 and 17 May. As a band we want to thank our fans and the press who constantly has given us support. We are proud to continue leading the national Rockabilly to new horizons. "

Rockalavera Rockabilly Weekend "is the festival / largest and most important of its kind in Latin party level, and 2015 will be his 5th edition. In previous editions have been part of the lineup bands like "The Delta Bombers", "Los Teen Tops," "Will & The Hi Rollers" and many more. The public attending is estimated at 10,000 people, and also features a contest of Pinups, burlesque shows, and a great "Car Show", the largest in Latin America.

For version # 5 it has been already announced the official line up will feature the participation of bands from around the world like "The Rhythm Shakers" (Los Angeles), " Omar & The Stringpoppers "(Los Angeles)," Will & The Hi Rollers "(Las Vegas)," The Black Jacks "(Mexico DF)," Protons "(Peru)," Silvertooth Loos & The Witch "(Los Angeles ), "Crazy Cats" (Mexico DF), "Savage Breed" (Los Angeles), "Alf and noisy" (Ecuador), and "Go Go Dancers" (Costa Rica), among others.

Moreover report that perform a show with Gonzalo Araya, who came from Brazil to celebrate their passage through the festival world's largest Rockabilly "Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend" held on April 5 last and the next presentation on " Rockalavera Rockabilly Weekend ".
This celebration will be on Friday, April 24 at 23: 00hrs. In Grez Bar located in Antonia Lopez de Bello # 76, Barrio Bellavista, Santiago.
The entry will be worth $ 4,000. - iRock Webzine

"La Puzzydoll"

The most primitive and pure '50s and' 60s rock is the main source of inspiration for La Puzzydoll, Santiago quartet debuted in 2012 with an album titled "Rockin' Fiesta', where the group relied mainly covers.
The band quickly began to create their own songs until the album 'Baila para mi' (2013), a work that puts the original compositions and emphasizes the simple "Acción", an intense track that brings the best of rockabilly and blues.

The group formed by Pablo Rojahelis (vocals and guitar), Arturo Salinas (drums), Alonso Durán (bass) and Felipe Rojas (piano and Hammond) recreates the sound of luminaries like Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, adding a tone rock made in Chile that gives personality to your proposal.

Rojahelis and Salinas are also members of the rock group Masta while Duran was part of the group La Rata Blusera. Gonzalo Araya, one of the foremost harmonica players of our country, also belonged to the band until his departure in early 2013.

At the show La Puzzydol may have the blues cadence or the accelerated pace of the furious rock and roll. If in the beginning, the group concentrated their enthusiasm and revisit emulate the sound and spirit of their referents, over time they have proven to be much more than a cover band. Proof of this is his latest record entitled 'Baila para mi', it contains 10 original songs and three covers, album in which the band prints its dominance in genres like blues, rock and roll and rockabilly.

Notable live performance of songs like "Kind Hearted Woman ', the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson and also played by Eric Clapton, is a sign that the quartet has very clear objectives and resources enjoyed by both lovers of classic rock or blues, rock fans as potential in its most visceral state. The strength of their live record in 2013 prompted the departure of a live EP, recorded in the Theatre SCD Plaza Vespucio in April of that year.

La Puzzydol has toured various scenarios of Santiago and Valparaiso, showing their bold and effective load of rock and roll and blues, attracting a growing audience, in addition to recognize in them a band that is responsible for preserving the classic sounds of the blues It is capable of signing memorable songs like "Cassettera" simple and powerful "Acción".

More information about LaPuzzydoll - Radio Musica Chilena

"Live broadcast from the "Radio Futuro 88.9 FM" studios."

Check out the complete interview and live performance of La Puzzydoll in the program "Estudio Futuro". The band had a great interview with Hernán Rojas and played four songs live in the studio. - Radio Futuro 88.9 FM

"Chilean Music Series: "Acción", a sensual new video by "La Puzzydoll""

The most primitive and pure '50s and' 60s rock is the main source of inspiration by La Puzzydoll, Santiago quartet debuted in 2012 but already with their second album 'Baila para mi' (2013), a work where the band prints its dominance in genres like blues, rock and roll and rockabilly.

La Puzzydol has toured various scenarios of Santiago and Valparaiso, showing their bold and effective load of rock and roll and blues, attracting a growing audience, in addition to recognize in them a band that is responsible for preserving the classic sounds of the blues It is able to sign radio songs like 'cassette player' and the powerful single 'Action'.

Today in The Clinic Online, we premiered the video for 'Action', an intense song that brings the best of rockabilly and blues materialized in typical cadences of blues or the more rapid pace of furious rock and roll. His video shows the power of rock and sensuality of a woman, what more could you want?

If you stay with wanting more, you can visit them on Saturday March 22 in Grez Bar, located in Antonia Lopez de Bello 76, in the Barrio Bellavista. More information - The Clinic Online


LP  Rockin' Fiesta (2012)
EP  En vivo Sala SCD (2013)
LP  Baila Para mi (2013)



La Puzzydoll is an independent band born in 2011
thanks to a friendship of years and the musical interests of its four members. They
mixing elements of swing, jazz, blues and rockabilly, with the idea of
​​creating a unique sound that most of the times invites to dance.

The sound , influences and the aesthetics of the band
are close to artists like Gene Vincent ,Brian Setzer, Imelda May and JD
McPherson to name some fresh references.

Throughout his four-year career they have recorded two
LP’s “Rockin 'Fiesta” (2011) and “Baila para mi” (2013), and one EP entitled “Live
at Sala SCD 2013. They have achieved exposure in mass media (TV and radio) as
well as constant performances in bars and festivals throughout Chile, totaling
to date more than 300 shows.

Among the most important international milestones of
the band was the participation in the festival “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly
Weekend 2015”, (USA) and “Rockalavera Festival 2015” (Mexico), both festivals
with several years of experience and with an attendance of over 25,000 people.

The band is currently in the process of making a new record
that will be released in late 2015.


Band Members