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Dawning from the thriving metropolis known as Dallas, TX, emerges one of the most unique, creative, and talented aspiring artists to grace the ever-evolving realm of hip hop. L.A. has definitely made a mark in his quest to become an entertainment icon. From humble beginnings, his efforts progressed and he was able to spread his magic while in school at the University of Texas at Arlington where he performed at several showcases on the campus, one of which he released the single "Dirty", created by himself and his business associates and close friends B-Eazy (producer), Sage Infamous and Lo (members of Raw Inc). Soon after, L.A. was able to establish relations with Cristy B and Josh Wright, both former employees of K104, where he was able to create intros for Skip Murphy & the morning team, Skip Cheatham, and also did the Dallas Mavericks Playoff Anthem which was in steady rotation and performed live at the American Airlines Center. Many articles were also printed, praising this young MC such as Rolling Out and Dallas Morning News. Great strides continued to progress, but his movement with radio didn't stop there. L.A. also planted his foot in radio play for original works during K104's Steve Nice's Sun-Debut as well as 97.9's DJ Big Bink's Street Heat where he was able to do a live interview with well known star D.O.C. On the street level, L.A. created quite a buzz from two mixtapes that had everyone focused on this titan on the track as he released "City Under Siege" and "Undeniable Entry". Within the past year, L.A. has finally completed his anticipated debut album "Main Attraction", first releasing his summer hit single "Pass Tha Patron" which has fired up the masses in clubs across the DFW. Now, with his label The Foundation, who knows what fire he will continue to release into the World of hip hop? Once thing's for certain, L.A. has indeed lived up to being the Main Attraction.



Victorious (2002) -- as member of rap group Raw Inc.

Main Attraction (2008) -- solo


City Under Siege

Undeniable Entry