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LA 5

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Band Rock Punk


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""Guitar Virtuoso""

14 yr old Dan Busby is heralded as a guitar virtuoso by international news magazine Dateline in a story about his family.

One of his original instrumental songs is used as the show's theme song. - Dateline-NBC

"Vallarta Fest 07"

"La 5 demonstrated their capacity and talent on the stage..." - Tribuna de la Bahia

"Vallarta's Rock Fest 2005 was a Success"

"The winning band was LA5, who will represent our city in the upcoming in the rock genre for the upcoming regional eliminations, and also are the winners of an 'Ibanez' guitar. - Vallarta Opina

"LA5 Wins 1st Place in State Competition"

"LA5 will receive professional studio time to record and master one of their songs as part of their compensation for winning 1st place in the 2005 statewide Rock Band Competition..." - Guadalajara Reporter


-14 original songs-

EXILE LIVIN' - E.P.- 2008
-6 original songs -

"Love, Love" [Bootleg Freedom] licensed by Director Don Johns - 2007 independent film "Without Hope".

"Missle Rain" [Exile Livin'] licensed by 2008 - for Kelly Slater surf video



La 5 is a band of three warriors. Formed in Mexico by Dan and Bear, two American brothers and a Mexican amigo, Emmanuel. Their mission? To challenge all US authorities that betrayed their family and forced them flee their homeland. Their weapon? Music.

Songs of activism, songs that challenge the status quo and infuse their audience with a passion for human rights. For over a decade they honed their musical skills and their lyrics - eyeing their northern border - waiting for the right time to assail the US with their unique message of life, liberty, justice and love. NOW is that time.

The band's guitarist, singer and songwriter - Dan - was 6 years old, and his brother Bear - the drummer - was only 3 when they left San Diego for an uncertain life of exile in Latin America. Their story received national and international news coverage (*). A lot of people had a lot of opinions.

But Dan and Bear had their own take on what went down and Dan began writing songs to express their side of the story. In late 2005, when Dan was 18 and Bear 14 years old, they formed La 5 and began to perform their songs around their adoptive hometown of Puerto Vallarta. Dan's songs reveal both his undying optimistic view of life and his contempt for the authorities that were hunting his mother.

Because of their energetic shows and raw talent, they quickly gained a loyal following in Mexico and won many local and statewide music contests. Dan has been labeled a guitar "virtuoso" by the media and Bear's rapid-fire drum licks keep the audience in motion. But despite their successes in Mexico, they set their sights on returning to their homeland, to stand up for their mother and fight against injustice.

Dan has been playing guitar since he was old enough to hold one. He also plays keyboards and a variety of other instruments. "We have fun, play our music the way we want to, and hope you like it," notes Dan. "But behind the music is a message. We want people to get it and to help us change a messed up court system, so that other families don't have to go through what we did. Kids should be able to count on adults to protect them.”

Bear’s neighbors will attest to his passion for long hours of practice. He also plays the guitar and recently took up the sax. Bear looks at music as a spiritual experience and hopes their music helps people "get in touch with their true selves". "But hey, my main focus is to free my mother," he adds with sincerity.

Bass player Emmanuel joined the band in 2006. He is equally as passionate about his motivation. "I like to party!"

A drunk fan was overheard describing a recent La 5 show. "I felt like I was dowsed with ice water, then given a Swedish massage."

(*) Their family’s story was the subject of a Dateline:NBC special "Crimes of the Heart" (March 2, 2003)