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Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | INDIE

Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | INDIE
Band Rock Latin


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LABANA - White!

1 - My Lady 3:39
2 - Amorrr 4:11
3 - White! 4:04
4 - The Same! 5:19
6 - Bailalo Mulata 4:00
7 - Hip Pop Star 5:40
8 - Mi Negra-Yambu 4:26
9 - No me Llames+ 5:08
10 - Vote 4 Me! 3:55
11 - Warriors 5:51
12 - Palo é! 7:14
13 - She like my eyes 3:54



Even if the music project LABANA was materialized in the summer of 2006 the idea of it is something that Dany “LABANA” Martinez has been dragging alone since his early school days in Havana, Cuba.

With a blind wish of putting a band together where he could express his feelings for different music genres than those Cuban people where used to consume, Dany left Cuba in 1994 and went to Italy, where he started searching for musicians who could combine the styles he ever dreamed about! .. after arriving in Italy Dany started traveling all over Europe playing in different music projects and different music styles, something he was looking for a long time ago … in one of those trips to Germany he decided to stay and start working on putting together the project of his dream.

Rock, R&B and Hip-Hop were the ingredients added to the Cuban music that created the sound LABANA plays today .The way he was dreaming his music will sound was the way he found the members of the band ... by actively playing gigs with different bands he started picking up musicians hethought will fit to the project…

In the meantime Dany came across Lou Bega´s producer who invited him to take part in Lou Bega's new CD production. From this relationship Dany became Lou Bega's music director for a couple of years and this gave birth to what should be known as LABANA. The working process in which LABANA was involved together with Lou Bega gave the chance to shape the band not in many ways.

Compositions were long on the making already, even so Dany had no idea how he will shape the CD with his material to give a unique sound, it came by himself through the process of confronting the compositions with some members of the band who at the same time helped on making the sound Dany was looking for LABANA´s sound.

Searching for a record label was the next process and you can believe that it was not going to be an easy task: newcomer band, new style-sound you can also call LABANA´s sound and a new economic crisis to add to the matters...but where there is hope and dedication there are results. Dany found the record label he was looking for with the determination the band needed, Termidor records, and established record label situated not far from Dany´s home base.

The CD came out to be what any newcomer band will dream of… solid like a rock, groovy and with a new fresh sound… gaining the respect and the support from the record label, support that is needed to hit the road and gain a place in the music business.