Shambolic sounding guitars and a rhythm section packed with energy,attitude and swagger but most importantly doesn't sound like the boring music that this country is filled with,Irish music is lacking passion and energy and is light years behind the uk and usa and it's time for that to change


Formed in late 2008,fed up with the music that they were surrounded with and spotting a gap in the Irish music scene..In recent years bands such as The Strokes and The Libertines have reinvented rock in their respected countries and have been hailed as saviours..Ireland does not have an answer to these 2 bands..U2 are a stale,overated,over-hyped,has been band but still remain the no1 band in the country,The Irish music scene needs reinvention and revolution,there are amazing unsigned bands in this country that need to be heard and the glorification of bands such as Snow Patrol and The Script needs to end now before Irish music is presumed dead

Set List

we have 7 original songs[a lot of them are yet to be named] and many more incompleted ones which we are always working on and looking to perfect and we often tend to throw in covers from bands such as Arctic Monkeys,Stone Roses,Libertines,Strokes,Kasabian