Labeless Illtelligence

Labeless Illtelligence

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The best sh!t you never heard....True Skool Hip Hop that doesn't stray from the original guidelines...Presentation of music more so than marketing and promotion.... Intimidating... Elevating... Demonstrating defiance through decibels...


The collective known as Labeless Illtelligence exists
as a strongly bonded group of friends as well as a
potentially infamous New England Indy record label.
Combining remnants of a once dominant ClokWorx (CommonWealth Records) crew with Multiple Complication Nation leftovers, mixed in with acquisitions of a superior nature, Labeless has grown to renowned levels of progressive artistry.

Existing as a platform that gave birth to the initial projects of artists that otherwise hadn't released full lengths, Labeless has gone onto contribute and provide for the Southern New England area. Having turned 6 years old in 2007, the label looks to spread its wings beyond the provision, preservation, and participation of their home turf.

Accomplishment wise, they have opened for countless Hip Hop Heros such as:
Scienz Of Life
C Rayz Walz
Mr Lif
The Last Emperor
Shabaam Saadiq
The Wu-Tang Clan
Kool Keith
Insight & Edan
J Zone...

They have also gained recognition from URB Magazine,,, and other outlets ranging from Canada, to the US, to Europe. This isn't even mentioning the accolades collected before the inception of Labeless Illtelligence (2001).

Labeless products can be found predominantly spread throughout RI/MA and at key locations in NY & Atlanta (R.I.P. Dumpster Dive), as well as on the web via &


Multiple Complications "St.ART" (2001)
Vocab "On The Rock" (2002)
Labeless Sampler CD (2003)
CasUno "The Art of Pissing People Off!!!" (2004)
AmsUno "Day Of Devotion" (2005)
The IF? "Promotional Left Hand Daps" (2006)

Set List

Set varies from show to show.
Never performed the same set ever!!!
We can rock for 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the situation...