Labeling Deloris

Labeling Deloris

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Labeling Deloris has a unique sound unlike conventional pop music with smart songwriting lyrically and musically. Their passionate performances produce a fierce live show overflowing with electricity. Fusing their individual music tastes the band strives to create a sound appealing to all.


Labeling Deloris is a hybrid of rock and pop that is rarely heard in conventional pop music today. With smart songwriting and a fierce live show overflowing with electricity, this Nashville act is poised to take over the Southeast music scene. “What is impressive about this band is not only their music or their accomplishments, but their approach toward the hidden things that make a band successful…they have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of their dreams.” (Jeff Reid, The Beat Magazine)

In October 2009, Labeling Deloris began their most ambitious project to date; a professionally recorded LP titled "Throwing Punches." For the first time, they welcomed a fifth ear, producer Scotch Ralston, known for his work with 311 and No Doubt among many others. Collectively, they have created an extremely well-balanced rock album, highlighting the band's unique use of dynamics, subtly accenting the strengths of everyday life. The album was released May 7th, 2010.

The name “Labeling Deloris” is actually a metaphor for the the band’s sound versus the way it is perceived; that is to say while it seems to have a distinct alternative-rock edge, it also produces a popular, long-lasting quality. Although political and religious beliefs surface in most music today, Labeling Deloris’ voice seamlessly integrates passion and doubt, paralleling the basis of human emotion, “the best is yet to come.” On stage, the powerhouse vocals, sizzling guitar work and smooth, in-your-face rhythm section create a seamless production, leaving audiences in awe. Off stage, the band is revered for their social impact, having the charisma to bring a wide variety of people into their collective family. To this family, Labeling Deloris is known as being likable, honest, respectable, hard working people.

With influences ranging from No Doubt to John Mayer to Guns N’ Roses, the group may seem to be an unlikely combination. But fusing their individual music tastes, Labeling Deloris strives to create a sound appealing to all. After forming the band while students at Catawba College, Jennifer Reiff (vocals/songwriter), Jason Rigney (guitar/songwriter), Brad Rigney (bass), and Andrew Boudouris (drums) headed to Nashville, TN directly after graduation. It was there, in 2006, that they recorded “For the Sake of Deloris” which spawned a self-booked, four month tour of the country.

This tour took Labeling Deloris back to their east coast roots in Wilmington, NC where they gained regional attention with the release of “I Want Everything” in July 2008, the full length follow up to “For the Sake of Deloris.” The new album received airplay throughout North Carolina, leading to many performances in front of audiences of thousands, including mainstay festivals like Wing Fling, Chili Cookoff, and the Azalea Festival, as well as support for Taylor Hicks and Lifehouse at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC. In addition to CD distribution through iTunes and CD Baby, the band continued to peak the interest of national audiences, showcasing at Atlantis Music Conference and CMJ Music Marathon.

After touring the east coast to support “I Want Everything,” the band moved back to the Music City in January 2009 with a full head of steam. Picking up where they left off, Labeling Deloris quickly hit Nashville radio and continued their live prowess, performing at all of the premier venues in town. While playing for a consistently growing fan base, selling thousands of CD’s independently and releasing a new album with a supporting tour to follow, Labeling Deloris hopes to break through the indie level to mainstream success.


Throwing Punches

Written By: Labeling Deloris

Give it, Give it
Give it its time

Oh I think I'm loosing conscience
Oh let's hope we'll be alright
Oh it's easier to be forgotten
Oh I'm dying this time

Oh I'm through with throwing punches
Oh thank God I'm on your mind
Oh I've never seen a man bleeding
Oh I'm dying this time

Every night I still find you come back to life
Only to find you were never there
But you are always there
Help me find an answer
I promise she'll fight the cancer
Let me know that you're inside of me, inside of me

Oh I'm finally throwing punches
Oh I know we'll be alright
Oh it's easier to be forgiven
Oh I know it takes time
Give me just some more time
Oh I'm dying this time

Best I've Ever Been

Written By: Labeling Deloris

Best I've Ever Been

Struggle to remember
To shake in silence
Shouldn't react to my demands
Persistent to remember
To have patience
You will show me you love me when you can

If I never say another word as long as I live
Remember forever this is the best I've ever been

Stable in knowing
I can tell you right from wrong
You let them come to you
What if it never comes to you at all
It's the best I've ever been
I don't see why you wouldn't want it

Stutter shamelessly now
Nothing more perfect I can say
Than saying nothing at all
Lack the use of adjectives
Nothing more perfect I can say
Than saying nothing at all

Can't blame this on me now
Was no match for your urgency
Tried more than you allowed
Misunderstood your subtlety

Hearts Like Ours

Written By: Labeling Deloris

It's hard to say to anyone
You're left out in the cold
It's hard to say anything

It's hard to say to anyone
You're left out in the cold
But my heart still burns for you

And they say if this is love
Then heartache's on the way

Hearts like ours were never meant to survive
Meant to be headstrong
Wide awake, completely alive
But hearts like ours they beat to satisfy you and I

It's hard to admit to anyone
You're getting a little too old
It's hard to admit to anything

It's hard to admit to anyone
You're getting a little too old
But age is just a number we believe

And they say if this is true
There's nothing left to lose


Throwing Punches - May 2010
I Want Everything - July 26th, 2008
For the Sake of Deloris - June 13, 2006
"Something To Someone" - Single 2006
Labeling Deloris - S/T - 2004
The EP - 2004 (previously under the name of Polyphony)
"Know Where You Are" - Single - 2003

Set List

Original Set - 45-60 Minutes