São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

Beatles and Beastie Boys bumping into each other on a dodgy street in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


The Labmusica story begins with main songwriter and composer Flavio Juliano. He was born in an economically turbulent, polluted, complex and also diverse and embracive São Paulo, Brazil in 1981. In 1985 Flavio’s family packed up and shipped out to a New York City suburb.

There, Flavio grew up listening to his father play bossa nova guitar, Brazilian records, as well as Gun’s n’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and finally Wu Tang Clan and Notorious B.I.G., all brought on by his 3 older brothers. And when he discovered The Beatles, on the verge of returning to São Paulo after 12 years, life changed.

And so Labmusica came into fruition, as a lab of mixtures and influences.

Jazz and metal drummer Ricardo Cifas, who had recently lost his father in a typical act of São Paulo violence, plays a tight set, with sticks dynamics like you wouldn’t believe.

Barely legal bassist Gianni Dias, grandson of the actress who was the counterpart of the first televised kiss on Brazilian TV, steadies the motor of the band with loose live playing and a bit of Motown groove.

Guitarist Filipe Consoline, a descendant of a cannibalistic native Indian tribe called Aymoré, willl have you inadvertently staring at him by his capacity to invent catchy hooks, play them effortlessly live and stage presence.

In 2008 the band spent gigging and recording their midtempo, dance-friendly debut rock album, titled, sexily, ‘Mmm…’, releasing it 2009 and touring around Brazil’s vast territory.

The sound? Think of the Beastie Boys bumping into The Beatles on a dodgy São Paulo street.

2010 came along, a video for Girl, Let’s Go Girl was made by French directors and picked up by MTV Brazil, and the decision was made: ‘we gotta get this music outta this city.’ So the band is hunting for tours, releases, press and just great fun in as many countries and venues as possible.

Their press includes a number of Brazilian publications, including cover of the Folha de São Paulo Art section, but, it's in the International press that Labmusica really shines, beginning with a feature in YRB (Yellow Rat Bastard) magazine as #2 MySpace band. Their latest features are in Armani Confidential magazine and The band's album has also been used in the renowned French stylist Jean-Charles Castelbajac's fashion show rehearsals.

Add this to a repertoire that, since 2006, has included a MySpace TV live performance recording, launching an Adidas Originals collection, and numerous gigs, such as headlining the Latin-American music festival Grito Rock.
Brazil Management: Eduardo Bucci: +55 11 9105-6969

"With artfully chaotic tunes, incisive melodies, texts that range from sweet to bitter and plenty of passion, Labmusica keeps the thrills coming in its first opus, . The mix of brazilian and english sends the message of rock pounding across the Atlantic. . Go on, just try to have a normal week after that.

It's the type of iconic little phrase you can use in any situation. The checkout girl is taking her time, so you shoot her a look and a .

Labmusica is made up of Flavio, Ricardo and Gianni, three paulistas who are the rock revelation of the year".
Armani / Confidential

"With dual residence in two of the Western world's capitals - Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York City, Labmusica has already made a splash on the music scene, with a successful blend of garage-rock aesthetics and pop sensibility. The band's debut album 'Mmm…' (available for download or purchase at the Labmusica website) plays to the band's strengths - tuneful songs with just enough left turns in the writing to keep listeners from getting too comfortable. Mid-tempo, dance-friendly rockers make up the bulk of the album, but the band does branch out to other genres, such as on the surprisingly dark standout track "Mariachi." At just under 28 minutes total running time, the album is populated by mostly short tunes (at 4:06, "Mariachi" is by nearly a minute the longest) - but the hooks are indelible. Their debut album has already received attention from numerous Brazilian media outlets, French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbaljac, and the Armani Confidential among others, and the band hopes to continue spreading their sphere of influence".

“With a low-fi sound and lyrics that switch effortlessly from English to Portuguese, this São Paulo / NYC-based quartet are leading a Brazilian rock invasion. Led by vocalist/guitarist Flavio Juliano, Labmusica draws on everything from Lou Reed to Caetano Veloso, slipping into your consciousness with stripped-down songs about love, loss and longing”.
Jonny Mundo – Top Myspace Bands – YRB Magazine


Girl, Let's Go Girl

Written By: Flavio Juliano

One too many drinks I held up
When we left each others company
Well I don't know what I last said
When you said that you'd call me later
Well that screwed my head

I said...

Girl, let’s go girl
Girl, Go
Girl, let’s go girl
Girl, Go
Girl, let’s go girl
Girl, Go
Girl, let’s go girl
Girl, Go

Why would you tell me
You'd call me later?
When we were just together
Having drinks, flirts under table

We're not going out
We're not a happy couple
Definitely don't say goodnight
Over phones, snuggled in covers

You had to cross that line
When everything was going fine

Started calling me too much
You got... too... deep
No one comes... that close... to me

No, no, no

Girl, let’s go girl
Girl, Go
Girl, let’s go girl
Girl, Go
Girl, let’s go girl
Girl, Go

Film Film Film Film Film

Written By: Flavio Juliano

Hey don’t you know that you’re never on time
We called you twice, but we didn’t get no line
Move back, forth, receive and send
I want facts facts: who, what and when
Things are getting crooked and not just bent
How bout we stop and think and start again

Ok ok, ok I see your point
I don’t agree, but seems I have no choice
Rich boys get all the girls
Tighter the pants, bigger the world
Ma ma ma ma ah ah ah oh oh

You’re never on time
Things get formed
And I cannot define

Around Here, Locally

Written By: Flavio Juliano

I don't got time to be
Talking to you, you see
Plans for the world are made
Locally and around here

You don't have time, I see
But can't you make time for me?
Plan your plans all you want
But the world you mean is all around here

What do you mean when you say "all you want"?
Well, all i want is to...

Stay stay stay
Please just stay

Okay... you made your point
Guess I'll stay a bit around here

I'm not that hard to convince
You know that I got it made
Cause cause cause cause cause
You know that I gotta know

Come by my house
And bring some clothes for the week
We've got all the time in the world
To make plans to stay around here

I'll come and go
As I please
Just like it should be
But for now you're all i want, locally

Sex Machine

Written By: Flavio Juliano and Bruno Corsi

Essa é a Sex Machine
D’you know what i mean
Se ela falou sim
É porque ela tá afim

Ela foi no meu show
Falou: “sim, eu vou”
Mas saiu com tanta pressa
Que perdeu o refrão

Ai meu deus
Não se preocupa
Essas coisas pequenas
Não vão me influenciar

Eu já não sei o que fazer
Eu não consigo te esquecer
É tudo isso que voce vai dizer

Ai meu deus
Não se preocupa
Essas coisas pequenas
Não vão me influenciar

Tudo o que você quiser
Pode vir, é só pegar
Depois uh nah ...

Faço tudo fora do compasso
Eu nem me acho, só pensando
Depois daquele nosso vamo ver
É impossível te esquecer

Eu já não sei o que fazer
Eu não consigo te esquecer
É tudo isso que voce vai dizer

Ai meu deus
Não se preocupa
Essas coisas pequenas
Não vão me influenciar

Essa foi a Sex Machine
D’you know what i mean
Ela falou sim
E agora eu vou até o fim

How Sweet

Written By: Flavio Juliano

One step closer
And I’ll be by your side
Reasons and meanings
That I’m not ready
To be by your side
Well, you might expect that

All that I
Reasons to be
Even though I
Know what that could mean

One step
Is easy
If I let you
Come to me
I like to kick back
Drop a beat
You know, not to complain
Stick around
Move your feet
I’ll never take a need

I’m two lives too smart
You’ve got all this time with me
With me
With me

Losing me and you
Lazy days in use
How sweet we fell in love
Be there for you
I’ll be there for you

I’ll love you to the bone
We’ll hang up all the phones
You’ll never
Be alone


Written By: Flavio Juliano

Oh, I know
So, I’ll go

Wait now for my time it’s coming
Yeah, you’ll see
Step back, look around, she’s on it
I’ll give you the time you need
Please, come here

Oh, I know
So, I’ll go

Everybody says that you missed your place in the world
Secrets, you keep em, to hide your soul
Easy to be cold
Oh I know you know

So far down
It’s not right coming up the ground
And people stop and they see
What the hell has happened to me
Then let’s meet where we agree

Everybody’s coming, everybody going
Swiping their arms out, grabbing at me
I can’t see the trees
I can’t feel the breeze
But I know it’s all right
I know I know I know

Oh, I know
So, I’ll go


Mmm... (debut full length album - 2009)

Sim Natal (Xmas single 2007/2008)

5 song Promo (2006)

Set List

Girl, Let's Go Girl
The National Anthem (Radiohead cover)
Bebado de Novo
Around Here, Locally
Procura-se Baterista
How Sweet
Film Film Film Film Film
VCR (The XX cover)
Sex Machine

Agora Vai
Nao Me Liga
Do City Things