La Bottine Souriante

La Bottine Souriante

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

La Bottine Souriante is a legend of North American roots music that first appeared on the Québec folk scene in 1976 and is now hailed throughout the world for its excellence and exuberance. Their distinctive sound combines Québecois tradition with elements of jazz, folk, and world music, blending a trad fiddle/accordion format with a Latin brass section and tap dancer working to create an exceptionally tight, cohesive unit that sweeps its audience away with high spirits and pulsating rhythms.


La Bottine Souriante first appeared on the Quebec music scene in 1976 and is a living legend of French North American roots music. In over twenty-five years, they have released twelve albums, four of which are certified Gold (over 50,000 copies sold) and three went Platinum (over 100,000 sold). In 2001, they also released a musical anthology to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Altogether, they have sold over half a million albums! The group has won dozens of awards and headlined festivals around the world. La Bottine Souriante is no longer simply a Quebecois/Canadian musical phenomenon. The group and their explosive sound have crossed borders the world over and left in their wake countless enchanted audiences. They have now developed a distinctive sound that successfully allies an homage to tradition with a dash of jazz, salsa and pure folk, while at the same time perfectly representing the symbol of vitality and pride of its mother culture. It is truly World Music in the best of that tradition. 

La Bottine has developed an exceptionally tight, cohesive sound, with their unique flavour of celebratory music. These two elements, music and celebration, characterised by pulsating rhythm, breathtaking sound, and exuberant spirit, have been inseparable. And it is directly into this turbulent energy that La Bottine Souriante sweeps its rapturous public. It is no wonder that the US-based Dirty Linen magazine has proclaimed La Bottine The best band in the world!

This musical blend is generated by eleven solid, traditionally rooted musicians: Benoit Bourque (vocals, button accordion, foot tapping and dance); Eric Beaudry (vocals, foot tapping, mandolin, bouzouki, guitar); David Boulanger (vocals, fiddle, foot tapping, percussion); Jean-Francois Gagnon-Branchaud (vocals, fiddle, foot tapping); Pierre Belisle (piano, piano-accordion, trumpet) taking up the swing with jazzman Francois Marion (acoustic and electric bass). Since 1990, a 4-piece brass section has added an even more exciting dimension to La Bottines incomparable sound, featuring the musical direction and brass arrangements of Jean Frechette (saxophone, percussions and arrangements), with Robert Ellis (bass trombone), Andre Verreault (trombone), Jocelyn Lapointe (trumpet), and powerhouse rhythm from Sandy Silva (percussive dance).

La Bottine Souriante has taken part in numerous folk festivals around the world, among them the TONDER FESTIVAL and the prestigious WOMAD. The group has appeared on many collaborations, notably with Kepa Junkera (Bilbao 00:00h) from the Basque country as well as with Paddy Mollony and The Chieftains (Fire in the Kitchen).


Appellation D'origine Controlee - 2011

J'ai Jamais Tant Ri - 2003

Anthologie - 2001

Cordial - 2001

Rock and Reels - 1998

En Spectacle - 1996

La Mistrine - 1994

Jusqu'aux P'Tites Heures - 1992

J'voudrais Changer D'Chapeau - 1988

Tout Comme Au Jour De L'an - 1987

La Traversee de L'atlantique - 1986

Chic & Swell - 1983

Y'a Ben Du Changement - 1978

Set List

The set can range anywhere from 1 - 60 minute set to 2- 60 minute sets.

The set-list will include music from their past albums with an emphasis on their latest release "Appellation D'origine Controlee". Possible songs:

- Reel a Roland
- Chus chatouilleux
- Au rang d'aimer
- Pele-mele
- Le baillard