La Bouche

La Bouche


10 million records world wide! 1996 Billboard Music Award Nominee! 1996 MTV Music Award Nominee! 1995 MTV(EU) Music Award Nominee! 1995 Golden Europa Award Winner!! 1995 ECHO (German Grammy) winner! The always smooth and charismatic - Lane McCray!!


The language of music has always transcended
political, ethnic, religious and cultural boundaries. It is with this spirit that Lane McCray burst onto the international music scene with the late Melanie Thornton. Meeting in Saarbrueken Germany for the first time it was truly a match made in heaven and the two became known to the world as the dynamic and powerhouse duo La Bouche (French, for “the mouth”) They conquered the music world with landmark success, producing chart topping singles one after the other landing at the #1 spot in over fourteen countries around the globe.

Lane’s extraordinary, silky-smooth tenor voice, original song writing talent and extrodinary agility as a dancer and choreographer coupled with Melanie’s diva vocals and disarming beauty left no question that the two were here to stay! Just take a look back at the TEN MILLION records sold world wide. With the BMG Records label guiding the force of nature and the meticulously watchful eye of legendary music mogul Frank Farian, La Bouche was rewarded numerous awards to include the German Grammy(the Echo) for Song of the Year in 1995. The Golden Europa, and two MTV Music award nominations in the USA and in the EU. 1996 also saw La Bouche nominated for the Billboard Music Awards "Best New Artist" along side "No Doubt" and "Tony Rich"

Lane is currently hard at work, completing the reflective and provocative release of his highly anticipated debut solo CD "Love and Lane" a labor of love that will present listeners with the opportunity to glean intimate perspectives from the star’s private life. “Love and Lane“ is an elegant and classy collection of songs all penned by Lane himself. Listening to " Love and Lane" will play to the ears as if reading a good book. You will no doubt hear the echos of La Bouche's trademark strong melodies and driving base lines. Now let the top down on your ride and begin to groove to the urban tinged beats of this collage of neo-soul with a straight edge pop sensability and melt into the comfort of knowing an old friend.

Journey into the inspiring and always provocative … Lane McCray.

Lane McCray and La Bouche are represented by:
NENE Musik
Ruben Martinez, Management
(954) 360-6820

Christopher Wiggins, Managing Director
(202) 271- 2775.


2003 - In Your Life/Single (Logic Records)
2002 - In Your Life/Single (BMG Berlin/MCI)
2001 - All I Want/Single (BMG Berlin/MCI)
2000 - SOS/LP (US) (RCA)
1999 - A Moment of Love/LP (BMG Berlin/MCI)
1999 - You Won't Forget Me (BMG Berlin/MCI)
1999 - SOS/Single (RCA)
1997 - All Mixed Up/LP (RCA)
1996 - Falling in Love/Dance Mix (RCA)
1996 - Sweet Dreams/Single (RCA)
1995 - Be My Lover/Single (RCA)
1995 - Falling in Love/Single (BMG/Logic)
1995 - I Love to Love/Single (BMG/Berlin/MCI)
1995 - Be My Lover/Single ( BMG Berlin/MCI)
1994 - Sweet Dreams/Single (BMG Berlin/MCI)