Burlington, Ontario, CAN

We are an Electro-Rock band based out of Burlington!


Labra is an Electro/Metal/Industrial band consisting of Chris Lago(Vocals/Guitar)), Robb Ryan (Drums), Renee Deslauriers (Bass) and Matt Bird (Dj/Synthesizer).

The band started in 2006, and their line-up was finalized in early 2007. They released their first album in January 2007, entitled "Love Instru-Mental".

Songs such as No Glam Mode and My Love it is have gotten considerable promotion and awards. My love it is was featured on (Sponsored by the Billboard charts and Itunes). No Glam Mode is currently no 1 in the Industrial Charts on, and it will be featured in a summer movie; They expect to release it in May 2007. A music video will be released shortly after.

Labra have decided to release a 2.0 Album. The album is expected to be released in June.


Love Instru-Mental
Labra v 2.0 (will be released soon)

Set List

Pretty little Core
Next Big Hit
500 to none
Count The Days
No Glam Mode
Beautiful One
Mister Hollywood
My Love it is
They Won't Take You