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Can some music be just too perfect?

Certainly this is a question Danish band Labrador´s would be critics have posed to themselves as they've tried unsuccessfully to drag their fingers off the repeat button.

Full of sheer popmagic, the music of Labrador draws inspiration from the classic age of pop, embracing all that was right about the likes of Burt Baccharach and Herb Alpert with captivating friendly melodies and soft delectable horns.

Formed in 1998 by Danish legend Flemming Borby from the remains of the acclaimed band Greene, Labrador combines marvellous vocals with well judged electronica and an indie sensibility, bringing a hip contemporary edge to keep your ears addicted and your batteries worn out. (MM -
These are the words Mary McDonald from Virgin Digitals web-page, before the concert in London 2006.

Flemming started his carreer in Copenhagen, Denmark back in the middle of the eighties as a drummer in local bands as The Poets, Alter Ego and Janes Rejoice.

In the beginning of the 90..ties he joined the band Greene, where a.o. Jens Unmack and the Olesen-brothers acted as musicians. Through the 90’ties Greene did 3 albums and a lot of touring all over Denmark.

Meanwhile Flemming finished his degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

After the dissolvation of Greene in 1998, Flemming formed LABRADOR.

First album "Goodbye Susanne" came out in 2002, at Flemmings new started label DIVINE RECORDS, including the radiosingle "In A Blue Balloon" which became "Ugens Uundgåelige" on Danish National Radio P3.

The Album came out in Japan and whole Scandinavia as well.

Second album "Instamatic Lovelife" was released in 2004 in Denmark, Japan and Germany, and Flemming and Labrador did concerts in Japan, Germany, Denmark, France and England.

Looking after musicians for the 3rd album, Flemming ended up in Pablo Milanez.. studio in Havanna, Cuba, in January 2007, and recorded a couple of songs with some local brilliant young Cuban jazzmusicians.

The result was so good that he returned in March to do an whole album. Overdubs was made in Copenhagen and Hamburg, and the first radiosingle is now ready, and to hear on this page.

The whole album will be out in the September of 2008.

13.5 Hamburg, Haus 73
03 12 Kiel Blauer Engel
04.12. Paderborn, Wunder-Bar
05.12. Berlin Schokoladen
06.12. Bielefeld Falkendom
07.12. Lüneburg Wunderbar
08.12. Offenbach Hafen 2
09.12. Göttingen Nörgelbuff
10.12. Magdeburg Kino Central
11.12. Berlin Antje Öklesund
12.12. Gera Pegasus
13.12. Leipzig Panam
14.12. München Orangehouse
16.12. Saarbrücken – Sparte 4
19.09 Berlin, Bang Bang Club
08.10 Hamburg, Knust
19/3 Hamburg (D), Astra Stube
20/3 Kiel (D), Nachtcafe
24/3 Düsseldorf (D), Pretty Vacant
25/3 Kassel (D), Salon Elitaer
27/4 London (UK), Betsey Trotwood
28/4 Copenhagen (DK), Christianshavns Beboerhus
29/4 Copenhagen (DK), Club 24hourpartypeople, Lades Kaelder
06/5 Kassel (D), K19
17/5 Halle (D), Klub Drushba
04/8 Frankfurt, Das Bett
05/8 Berlin Trompete
23.10 Hamburg, Ponybar
27.10 Hamburg, Hasenschaukel
01/11 Copenhagen (DK) Stengade 30
10/2 Gottingen/Electro-Osho
11/2 Berlin/Rosi's - Karrera Klub
12/2 Hannover/Kulurpalast Linden
13/2 Darmstadt/Oettinger Villa
14/2 Insbruck (A)/PMK Bögen
15/2 Munchen/ Salon Erna
16/2 Kassel/K19
17/2 Cologne/Stereo Wonderland
18/2 Halle/Tanzklub Volkspark
19/2 Hamburg/Weltbuhne - Revolver Klub
21/2 Kiel/Nachtcafe
16/6 Kassel (D), Le Mirage
18/6 Berlin (D), Schwalbe
09/7 Limburg (D), Strandperle
03/9 Leipzig (D), UT Connewitz
15/9 Aarhus (DK), Musikcafeen/POPREVO 05
16/9 Berlin (D), Pfefferbank/PopKomm
06/10 Bordeaux (F), El Inca
07/10 Toulouse (F), La Médiathèque Associative
09/10 Poitiers (F)
10/10 Nantes (F)
11/10 Rennes (F)
13/10 London (UK), John Peel Day, Windmill (Brixton)
11/5 Tokyo (J) 7 days promo-tour
Århus (DK Spotfestival
17.06 Copenhagen (DK) Stengade 30
Berlin zosh
25.9 Copenhagen, (DK) RUST
02.10 Taastrup (DK) City 2
09.10 Taastrup (DK) City 2
27.03 Ålborg DK, Studenterhuset
28.03 Copenhagen (DK) Studenterhuset
04.04 Odense, (DK) Rytmeposten
29.05 Albertslund (DK) Forbrændingen
21.06 Copenhagen (DK) Rust


Caleidoscope Aeroplane

Written By: LABRADOR

Caleidoscope Aeroplane

I was walking down the streets
Through the old part of Havana
I met a girl, she said the world
Is maybe not what you think, it could be

I turned around, I heard a sound,
But I dont hink she was really true yeah
Then she said something, that was hitting me under the belt
So I decided to see

But then the girl said Hallelujah
But I dont think she was peculiar
But what could I say, she smiled to me in that way

The world turn round and round
Without a sound
I am leaving JF today
But If the world turn blue
I´ll come back for you
On my caleidoscope aeroplane

So I was walking more, and talked some more
With three other girls from Massachussets
One was blind, but I was kind,
I really liked her mysterious way

But then the girl sang Hallelujah
But I dont think she was peculiar
But what could I say, we ended up in bed all day

The world turn round and round
Without a sound
I am leaving JF today
But If the world turn blue
I´ll come back for you
On my caleidoscope aeroplane

I dont know what it is all about
But I dont think you choose
But if that day should come
I´ll leave it up to you, up to you

The world turn round and round
Without a sound
I am leaving JF today
But If the world turn blue
I´ll come back for you
On my caleidoscope aeroplane


2008 ALBUM
Divine Records
2007 CD Compilation Sunday In Bed - Clubstar Germany
Excellent Records, Japan

CD "Instamatic Lovelife" Divine Records DIV002CD

2003 CD-compilation “Daft, wild. sparkling, strawberry soda”. Apricot Records, Germany

2002 CD "Goodbye Susanne" Divine Records DIV001CD

2002 CD-compilation “Hanging By a Moment” including the single “In a Blue Balloon” . Universal Music

2001CD-single "In a Blue Balloon" (radiosingle)