Labrador City

Labrador City

 Bern, Bern, CHE

The songs of Labrador City blow like a warm draught around your head and create a pleasant prickling on your skin. The tunes are dreamy, spherical and relaxed. The leading voice of Nik, the inviting choirs and the playful guitar and synthesizer
melodies let you wallow in memories.


Imagine a beautiful, nearly uninhabited island. Lush greenery within the country. Little, fine sandy beaches along the shore. You bike along a switchback. The path leads you directly to your favorite beach, a coastal area with rocks, pebbles and
sandbanks. You throw your clothes on a stone and leap into the waves. As you emerge from the water, the sun has begun to set. You feel unburdened and happy.

Reverie will be released on November 1st, 2012 on CD and vinyl. Labrador Citys debut album contains ten pop songs and was recorded in a cottage in the Bernese Alps as was the EP Volcano. Also stylistically the work takes up on the EP, though sounds fuller, more matured and more concise.

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Labrador City – «Reverie» LP (Oh, Sister Records / Irascible)

Labrador City – «Trouble» Single (Oh, Sister Records)

Labrador City – «Volcano» EP (Oh, Sister Records / Namskeio)