Labrador Dali

Labrador Dali

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Surreal, stream-of-consciousness songwriting showcased in a psychedelic, postmodern pop/rock package.


Labrador Dali matches the surrealistic songwriting of Robert Emmett (vocals, guitar) with some of Chicago's finest talent. Labrador Dali's sound is a swirling cacophony of symphonic chaos rooted to a firm and heavy rhythmic foundation. Their style is the result of influences ranging from late 60's/early 70's garage and psychedelic rock to late 80's/early 90's postmodern powerpop. Scattered throughout are elements of blues, country, jazz, reggae and Americana.

The band's debut CD is the six-song EP 'Exile on Myspace.' Self-recorded and produced, this album helped define both the band and its sound. The full band materialized when Chuck Pinney (Word Bongo, Chuck's Wagon - drums) and "King of the Blues Violin" Ruby Harris (Cornmeal, Phil Circle - violin, mandolin) joined Emmett, Marke Lester (bass) and Lem Roby (heavily effected guitar) on stage at their CD release show on March 10th, 2008. This lineup played in and around Chicago on a regular basis until Chuck left in July of 2008 to concentrate on his own material.

After the band tried out several drummers with no success, Marke Lester decided to return to the drums (his original instrument and former bandmate Gus Kenneth (Everest, Shiloh) came on board on bass. The potent combination of Marke's heavy rock style and Gus's nimble midrange rumble allowed Dali the newfound freedom to stretch out and experiment with longer jams, guitar duelling and crowd participation. Gus's untimely departure in March 2010 meant another bass player search. Tom Susala, noted local gig and session veteran, answered their ad a month later and 'passed the audition'. Tom adds a more blues and R&B style to the band's overall sound.

'Exile On Myspace' is currently available at the band's website,, and at their shows. Currently Labrador Dali is finishing up their 'Possum House' EP for a September release and gearing up for some local shows as well as some regional touring.


Desert Still Life

Written By: Robert E McWhorter pub: Hermetic Medical Records (ASCAP)

We've run out of road
and we've run out of night.
We can keep on driving,
but we can't get anywhere.
The sunlight's going to catch us eventually,
But for a little while,
weren't we almost free?
There was a moment there...
So remember today
There was a moment there,
but it got away.
And back by the camp,
the Taper's sleep-walking.
They're waking and bacon
in room Eight.
They're changing the guard
out on the porch,
With the turtle beer
and that bread they break.
And there was a moment there,
when I thought you would stay
There was a moment there...
but it got away

Another Band To Follow

Written By: Robert Emmett


Just buy a shirt and no one here gets hurt
But danger’s where you flirt if you don’t have exact change
Here's our CD, the first one’s always free
Make sure you talk to me when you get itchy

Maybe she turned the day she finally learned
that the inside was all vacuous and hollow
She might be someone’s wife, or she might have got a life
Or just might have found another band to follow

She didn’t mind when she had to stand in line
after wasting so much time in empty bar-rooms
Winter turned to summer, we broke another drummer
But everything’s a bummer since you don’t come around

Maybe the scene isn’t all that it had been
I might have said some things she couldn’t swallow
Maybe she went clean, and joined with the machine
or she might have found another band to follow

Here’s our new tape, we call it the re-rape
It’s a remix of the disc we sold you last verse
Just sign here for the soundman and your beer
and if the credit card clears you get an hour

Maybe she turned the day she finally learned
that the inside was all vacuous and hollow
She might be someone’s wife, or she might have got a life
Or just might have found another band to follow
Down the bathroom stairs for nefarious affairs
Maybe we just forgot her in Ohio
Or maybe it’s too late, she gave up and went straight
or she might have found another band to follow...


Chicago Acoustic Underground Podcast from May12th, 2008
"Another Band To Follow" pre-album single released for download July 2009
"Possum House" EP scheduled release: September 2010
Songs: "Another Band To Follow", "Martian Dixon", "Squirrels" and "The Waiting Life".

Set List

Cricket Hill
The Trudge
Desert Still Life
We Got Fooled Again
6299 (see entry below)
Jalapeno Bridge
Along For The Ride
Another Band To Follow
Breaking My Fingers
Don't Quit Yer Day Drug
Emo Bro
Get it Together
Green Jerk
Martian Dixon
Now That You Know
She Only Shines
Song From A Dream
Stir My Soul
The Waiting Life

Fearless (Pink Floyd)
Good Guys & Bad Guys (Camper Van Beethoven)
6299 (Gigglejuice) *also featured on "Exile on Myspace"
Pictures of Matchstick Men (Camper Van Beethoven's version of Status Quo)
Showdown (ELO)