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A group of five Mc's with a dynamic range of vocal style brings a sound distinctive of the far north east. This all new production philosophy not only touches the roots of hip-hop, but all genres across the board.


LABSEVEN has been a Maine hip-hop group since 1997. Wildly diverse influences go into its eclectic
thoughtful take on indie hip-hop. With a live show like no other it is energetic and endearing to
say the least. It can go from two turntables and a mic in a martini bar to a five piece band
and beyond in the biggest venue. After playing all over the north east for the past 7 years
LABSEVEN has self released "North Winds" in the Fall 0f 2006.


All you need right now is our new record "North Winds"

Set List

If possible we play a 1 1/2 hour set. Start off with DJ Shade mixing lab beats for the first 45 min. We play all our illest beats and tracks, most from "North Winds" w/ trivia, chants, free's, notes whatever in between until we bring bass, drum and a trumpet player to close of the night.