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The man Chuck D calls "the Thelonius Monk of the rap game", Labtekwon is embraced by media critics and Hip Hop fans globally. Labtekwon's music bridges "projects to pyramids, suburbs to the subterranean." One of URB Magazine's "Next 100 Artists of the New Millennium." Dont sleep.


In the Mid Atlantic Region an entity of omniversal proportion has arisen: Labtekwon.

Labtekwon is a phoenix rising in the underground Hip Hop scene, already having shared the stage with A Tribe Called Quest, Brand Nubian, KRS-One, and Digital Underground. He has left his mark on a huge number of releases including over a dozen full-lengths on his own Ankh Ba Records. Noting Labtek's varied discography Urb Magazine called him "the most eclectic MF to ever emerge from Baltimore since John Waters." Labtek has put a brand on the underground scene for posterity and die hard collectors alike.

In 1996 he was crowned Zulu Nation freestyle champion in Atlanta, Georgia; participated in New York's legendary Lyricists Lounge in 1997 and 1998; and has been named Baltimore's best Hip Hop emcee six years running.

Labtekwon is alternatively wise, gritty, humorous, spiritual, vicious and vile. A true emcee with freestyle improvisations perhaps only rivalved by Supernatural and a flair for written composition that effectively makes Labtekwon a sage and visionary of the Hip Hop generation.

Labtekwon is a somewhat of an enigmatic and ecclectic Emcee, wielding seemingly endless rhyme schemes - from rapid-fire, polyrhythmic blasts of celestial knowledge, to inspired Jive talk in the tradition of Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx. Labtekwon themes ranging from the ancient wisdom of his ancestors, the endless possibilities of the future and faraway galaxies, to songs about friends, life and love, as well as some of the most sincere social and political commentary in Hip Hop culture.

When he's not creating art, Lab helps run Baltimore's Ghetto Griot Program, a cooperative learning venue for urban youth that combines literacy, music and black history curriculums. The program also includes tutoring and mentoring components, partnering college students with at risk youth from primary, secondary and high schools. In 2001, the program was used as an educational model at Ronald E. McNair Research Institute. Labtekwon also serves as a guest lecturer at various Mid Atlantic universities and has a BA in African American studies from the University of Maryland.

His 1998 full-length Nile Child is widely held as an underground classic and has landed him a seed in the 1999 Urb "Next 100." Some artists change the form from deep down and never see the light of day, but Labtek has made it to the surface and only applause will follow.

"stop praying for a miracle; I am Here"


Labteknology (Labtekwon Anthology)
Volume 0- Balti- Moorish Science- 1997

Volume 1- The Futures Now... Whatz Next?- 1994

Volume 2- Ladies Night- 1999

Volume 3- Proverbs of Passion- 2000

Volume 4- Nile Child- 1998

Volume 5 -Da Dawn- 1995

Volume 7 -Da Helpless Won- 1996

Volume 8 -Justus on Da Horizon- 1997 to 2006

Volume 9 - The Art of Love- 2000

(other releases)
The Ghetto Gospel EP- 1993

321 Connected- 1998

Song of the Sovereign- Mush Records- 2002

The Hustlaz Guide to the Universe- Ankh Ba- 2003

Murdaland Classic Jack Moves- Ankh Ba- 2004

Avant God- Ankh Ba- 2005

The Ghetto Dai Lai Lama v.777- Ankh Ba- 2006

Video Singles:

Uhnnn Huhnnn- 2005- BET Uncut
King Very Vicious- 2005- BET Uncut

coming soon:
"Killa Kamillionz"- Fall 2006
"Black Eniggma- The Omar Akbar Album"- Fall 2006
"Dinau Ko Degg"- 2007
"The Labtekwon Experience 1987 to 2007"- 2006

Set List

Sets total 45 minutes to 1.5 hours
(too much of a catalog to predict what happens in the set.)