La Cacahouette

La Cacahouette


Influenced by 60's psychedelia, 70's progressive rock, 90's shoegaze, and independent rock from many time periods. La Cacahouette's distinct sound ranges from sleepy-eyed dream pop to grandiose wall-of-noise epics -- both extremes often found in the same song.


“A name that must be phonetically spelled out for Anglophone ears, a drummer who sometimes plays as if he has three arms, a theremin and a CD doused in cavernous reverb. They play a kind of art-metal/post-hardcore informed prog-pop. La Cacahouette is probably just a few steps away from being remarkably pretentious, but those few steps include the kind of musicianship and compositional sense to make their ambitions work.” - New Haven Advocate

"French for Peanut has so many elements, layers and feelings to parse, you pick up on something new every time you listen to it. It’s music you can get emotionally vested in and not feel cheated afterwards.” -

“La Cacahouette elegantly display why they are one of the leading lights of the Queen City’s underground music scene. The trio has taken the right cues from shoegazing stalwarts like My Bloody Valentine and Lush and ably managed a deft balancing act of ethereal melodies and distorted but beautiful noise.” – Art Voice Weekly

“La Cacahouette's experimental shoegaze ways on their recently released debut full length, French For Peanut, are enchanting enough to distract anyone.” –


Out of the industrial decay of Buffalo, NY, La Cacahouette (La-Ca-Coo-Et) was formed in 2004 by husband and wife Gerald Thomas (Guitar, Vocals, Keys) and Pepper Ochsner Thomas (Bass, Vocals, Keys, Theremin.) The addition of Blake Ellman (drums and percussion) early 2005, led the band to take on a harder edge, and to become a national touring act. Late 2008 witnessed La Cacahouette welcoming a fourth member, Jason Sallese (guitar, trumpet, vocals,) solidifying the band’s current lineup.

Combining the band’s influences of psychedelic, progressive, metal, shoegaze, and indie rock, La Cacahouette has created a sound that is distinct yet draws on the familiar. If one has ever tried to imagine My Bloody Valentine covering a Black Sabbath song, La Cacahouette has surely provided an answer. But, do not be mistaken; La Cacahouette embraces many extremes and styles, ranging from melancholic dreamlike soundscapes to hard driving upbeat rock.

La Cacahouette has built a following both locally and nationally, having embarked on multiple self-booked tours throughout the U.S. Their first full length album was initially released on Buffalo, NY’s All Things Ordinary on CD format June 2007, and then on vinyl LP July 2008. La Cacahouette is currently in the studio finishing recording a new album, and is in search of label support.

La Cacahouette has opened for: Silversun Pickups, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Pelican, Ra Ra Riot, The Virgins, Portugal The Man, Sea Wolf, Russian Circles, Baronness, An Albatross, Lisa Loeb, AIDSwolf, Film School, and Tristeza.

* To check out live video footage of La Cacahouette performing "Emergency Waffle Party" (for WBFO NPR) copy and paste the following link!


* French For Peanut - Eight Song Full Length, All Things Ordinary.
Release Dates: (CD) June 30, 2007 (LP) August 20, 2008.
* Cocaine Unicorn/Help Is Automatic - 7" Vinyl, All Things Ordinary, 2006.
* La Cacahouette Tour EP, 6-song EP, 2006.
* It’s Magic!: La Cacahouette’s self-released 7-song EP, 2004.
* Un-BIAS v. 1: Local Buffalo Music Compilation, 2004.
* A Means to an End v. 1 & 3: Local Buffalo Music Compilation, 2004, 2008.


Can be found playing on:

*WBNY 91.3, Buffalo's Only Alternative.



"Imperferation" featured in a Lindstrom/Hicks Independent film titled "Waiting On Alphie." Film released Fall of 2005.

"Emergency Waffle Party" and "War and Zevon" featured in a Red Dander Philms short film titled "Herman," created for the 24-Hour Film Festival, Buffalo, NY, 2009.


Music, Videos, and other fun facts can be found at: (Video clip of La Cacahouette Live on WBFO.)

Set List

Current original material being played:

1) Thunder on Mt Zion
2) Star of the Show
3) Emergency Waffle Party
4) Bomb Parts
5) Battle Snakes Go Round)
6) War and Zevon
7) PCF(MW)
8) Help is Automatic
9) Cocaine Unicorn
10) No Time To Rock
11) Imperferation
12) Fiction Teeth

Typically La Cacahouette plays 45 minute long sets, consisting 6 - 7 songs. Will play longer or shorter sets if needed/requested.

We may do a cover song from time to time, but this is very rare.