La Caravane Passe
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La Caravane Passe

Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE

Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE
Band Alternative World


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




“From Balkan tango to hip hop (...) La Caravane Passe is in great shape. They locked "Karmen" in and disguised her ; then, they scalded "Fatma" with a dub version. But what the Caravane does best is to hijack gypsy music and, while staying faithful to its roots, to sidetrack it into rock.’’


’ The ‘Real-Fake Wedding’ of La Caravane Passe : a gypsy rock opera, a big, burlesque and baroque show”


‘’La Caravane Passe puts out a new CD, a collection of a dozen titles presented with devilish mischief, ironic from one end to the other, even when the group sings about some serious topics.
La Caravane Passe explores Balkan traditions in its own way: with overflowing energy and a rare passion.’’


‘”Velkom Plèchti, the new album of La Caravane Passe, gives you a crazy urge to dance. So much fiesta on one wild album - make sure not to miss out on this one. Especially since the music carries a message: That of mixity, of making fun of clichés, and the contemplation of different cultures.’’


- 05th May 2010 - "Ahora In Da Futur" (Makasound/pias for French) Release in all Europe.
Radio Airplay in France : "Perdu ta langue" in France inter, Radio Nova, Radio Néo..

- November 2008 - velkom Plechti (Tzig'Art/l'Autre distribution)
- November 2007 – compilation « Pas Vu A LA TV 2 »
- June 2007 - compilation "Voyage en Tziganie : Terminus" (Tzig'Art/l'Autre distribution) - Bratsch, Les Yeux Noirs, Slonovski Bal...
- April 2007 - compilation "Zic de Rue" (Wagram) - Les Têtes Raides, Sansévérino, Debout sur le Zinc, etc..
- March 2007 - compilation "Panka'koustik" (Panka/Prod. Spéciales) - Blérots de Ravel, Lavach', Les Ongles Noirs etc..



We left La Caravane Passe in its imaginary village of Plechti (last album "Velkom
Plèchti"). Since then, it has celebrated dozens of ‘Vrai-Faux Mariages’ (‘Real-Pretend
Weddings’ - the name of the show) and has travelled the bumpy roads of good old
Europe, performing in concert on all different kinds of stages of the old continent.
For the 3rd album, LA CARAVANE PASSE has re-vamped its image, has electrified
and transformed itself into a machine to zigzag through time and space. Directed by
the weird and wonderful artistic fixer Camille Ballon (No One is Innocent, JAVA
etc.), la Caravane allowed some clandestine travellers on board: Rachid Taha,
R.Wan, Erika Serre, Marko Markovic, la Fanfare Ziveli.
A joyously colourful team for a new adventure in a mixed-up nowhere land; electric
guitars, bass and keyboards mix with gypsy guitars, brass and mandolins. You can
hear "chanson française", gypsy music, world-rap, balkan ska and electro-rock.
The same mix can be found in the lyrics, sung in a slang that mixes French and
English with Serbian, Spanish, Romani and German.
Truly a verbal pan-European melting pot telling stories of travels, of borders, of
cultures and of poeple.
What if our cyber-nomads are simply shaping the future Homo Europaneo?
La Caravane Passe always associates the sound with images in a visual universe
that takes its
inspiration from "SteamPunk" and from "Retro-futurism". To be (re)-discovered live,
where the band
piles on the periods in their costumes and produces a festively crazy and timeless