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1999: Les Rues Electriques EP
2001: Asphalte Hurlante LP
2002: Asphalte Hurlante Ultime Edition LP (unreleased + instrumentals)
2002: Crash Test EP (Chateau Flight+La Caution)
2003: Cadavre Exquis LP (TTC+La Caution+Saphir)
2005: Peines de Maures / Arc en Ciel pour Daltoniens LP (double album)
2006: Peines de Maures / Arc en Ciel pour Daltoniens LP (instrumental version)
2006: Quinte Flush Royale LP (Les Cautionneurs)
2006: Des gens revisitent La Caution / La Caution rend visite aux gens (Remix and unreleased LP + DVD)
2007: Thé à la Menthe EP



LA CAUTION is definitely matchless.

Armed with an obviously unique musical identity, the two brothers HI-TEKK & NIKKFURIE of LA CAUTION from Noisy-Le-Sec (Paris suburbs), made a solid reputation for themselves by relentlessly touring and taking part in numerous albums, projects, mixtapes and movie soundtracks since 1996.

After a first hit with LES RUES ELECTRIQUES EP (1999), La Caution will confirm the basis of a unique style combining electronic and energetic sounds with forceful and original lyrics with the first ground breaking LP ASPHALTE HURLANTE, a classic album imposing them as one of the most atypical, innovative and charismatic band in the French Hip Hop scene. La Cautions MC’s share a very own vision of prose and harmony. Their lyrics, willing to be urban allegories, have appealed to listeners who fancy sharp and outstanding writings. For the beats, NIKKFURIE is known for his everlasting fondness for novelty.

After two projects in collaboration with CHATEAU FLIGHT for the CRASH TEST EP (June 2002), then with L’ARMEE DES DOUZE with TTC and SAPHIR LE JOAILLIER for CADAVRE EXQUIS (November 2002), La Caution will dominate the music conversations at the end of 2004 with the instrumental version of THE A LA MENTHE (the infamous laser dance song) chosen by Steven Soderbergh to illustrate the famous laser scene of OCEAN’S TWELVE. La Caution’s ties with the movies industry were then tightened with their collaboration to Kim Chapiron’s first movie, Sheitan, starring Vincent Cassel, on theatres on February 1st 2006.

La Caution’s eagerly awaited second album, PEINES DE MAURES / ARC-EN-CIEL POUR DALTONIENS was finally out on October 17th 2005. And they immediately proved their new opus was worth the wait: a double-album with no less than 31 tracks. Every tune sounds like a thorough depiction. Words seem to flow endlessly, emphasized by beats that fit them smoothly, sounding sometimes light-hearted and energetic, sometimes dark and moody, but always bouncy and intense. Once the listener discovers the luxury of the technical gifts of the 2 MCs and the depth and endless variety of beats, the so-called language barrier doesn't matter any more and the quality of the music speaks for itself.

The various musical influences give to La Caution a way to regenerate the richness of Hip Hop with all its spontaneity and the fruits of its inventiveness. The diverse projects since the beginnings of the band shows definitely and once more that La Caution represents, thanks to the maturity and the identity of its sounds, one of the most interesting band taking all kind of music together in the French scene.


2004 : Ocean’s Twelve score (Laser Dance Song)

2006 : Sheitan soundtrack (4 songs: Pilotes Automatiques, Comme un Sampler, Saigon Remix, Batards de Barbares)

2006 : Paris je t’aime (Pilotes Automatiques) soundtrack. Rewarded in the 2006 Cannes Film Festival on the category « Un Certain Regard »