Laced Confection

Laced Confection


For great rock that there is just not enough of, see Laced Confection live! Or at least


LACED CONFECTION is made by four like-minded musicians who play cutting-edge, progressive, alternative rock. Powerful, head-slammin’ guitar riffs backed by punchy, chest-pounding bass lines and “phat,” explosive drum beats. All garnished by soulful lyrics that both rock your socks off and serenade you to serenity. You have to see these guys live to capture their permeating energy.. So if you are planning on attended a LACED CONFECTION show, bring some extra underwear, because if you don’t crap yourself, you may be drenched in sweat from rocking out. You see it is quite difficult to not move to the beat of ze LACED CONFECTION


Brainspark EP.

Set List

Brainspark, Intervention, Better than Stronger, Take Your Time, Circles, Diamonds, Come Play, Searching..., Shadyglade, Phunkamones, Smile, Instrument